Monday, January 23, 2006

My Little Shopping Splurge

Ahh... the Good Ol' Days.
It all started the other day with my discovery of Chandra's My Little Pony. It was a beautiful thing, all pink and yellow, with a tiny little heart stamped on its foot and a pineapple on it's hindquarters. For a moment or two I stood motionless and staring. Memories of old popped back to the surfaces of my mind, and suddenly I felt amazing. It was like being three again. I wanted one-- I wanted a My Little Pony. For absolutely no rational reason, I wanted one! I asked where she found it. Her Reply?

"WalMart. I got her at WalMart." She smiled quietly, doubtless frightened by that frenzied look in my eye.

"Five bucks," I said, trying to make my sudden urge less insane, "Is very reasonable, don't you think?"

Annette, Justin, and Lindsey all shruged. Annette, with that mature, motherly glance of hers smiled as if to say, "It's your money, dear."

We hit the toy isle last. Actually, we almost missed it all together. That was when Annette, who had wandered off herself, came almost running to where Lindsey, Justin and I were looking at board games.

"Amy! Do you remember the cupcake dolls?!"

"Yes, why?"

"They're back!! The Cupcake dolls are back, see?"

"Oh my gosh!" Lindsey said, taking the litle doll from Annette's outstretched hands, "Are you serious?!"

We all wandered to the toy aisle to marvel at them. That was when I found her...

((And now, because I'm procrastinating, I shall break. Until next time...!))