Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crush II

A friend and I parused
Through an aisle at the mart,
We both wanted sodas
In aisle seventeen.
Indecisive as always,
I paused at each one,
But I just could not choose,
And no soda chose me.

There are plenty to choose from,
She said with a sigh,
And I giggled quite briefly
And struggled ahead.
Some shelves full of Coke,
Pepsi, And Sprite,
But none of them really fit me
Quite right.

What finally caught my eye was a label:
An Orange Crush sitting at an odd angle.
I was offered a taste,
And I took one quite gladly,
But my time was soon spent,
He slipped away with my distraction.

Well months have now passed,
I return to the market.
Now forgetting my soda,
I sit in rows of strange neighbors.
I came for nothing but milk
And the necessities,
I glanced up to see him
In the midst of the sea.

I gasped and a turned.
How I could stil remember
That taste that I tasted!
When at last I was convinced,
I turned back
But he slipped away,

I still see it sometimes,
My sweet Orange Crush.
Maybe one day there might
Slide Orange Crush
To the tip of my tongue.