Monday, December 25, 2006

The Trees

The trees grow tall in her forest,
tempting her sweetly with outstretched branches.
She'd never dared to climb them;
it was strictly forbidden
and decidedly fearsome.

As time flew by she grew fond of the oak tree.
He was taller then some and stronger than others.
She was fond of this strength and the grace in his branches.
He seemed to her a wonderful challenge to start with.
She placed a single hand on his welcoming bark,
but found it to smooth for inexperienced feet.

She grew wary of the tree from a few failed attempts.
Tired of failure, her rosy face fell to her knees.
She cried for awhile, but returned to her feet.
No other tree seemed surmountable
Searching through aspens, pines, and maple trees,
She found naught that could give
her the pleasure she sought.

She returns to her happy little cottage,
discouraged to see other treelings about.
Not one could she climb, but all around
She saw squirrels scaling some
and some nestled in others.

So much for that, she said with a sigh.
One day, when my legs are longer
and my hands grow stronger
I'll find a tree and
he'll be just right for me!