Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Be the Girl

Posted on myspace blog (April 12, 2007)

I was sitting in my joy and wondering
what he was doing. There's nothing
wrong with thinking he might be thinking
of me too. She thinks its fine, why don't
I try? I might insist, I'm just not that kind of girl.

I'm not the kind of girl who knows what she's doing
I wanna be the one who catches you looking
into my eyes, yes they are blue, silly.
Why can't I say that you're nothing more than witty.
I'm such a fool, my heart would tell me.
I wanna be the girl who goes for it anyways.

Everyone else knows where they're going.
My eyes might smile, but my feet feel far behind me.
She says I should run back to find you falling
To pick you up. Can I? Couldn't I?

She can't believe that I saw him coming
She can't believe that I felt like running
From the corner of my eye I saw his eye catch mine
we both looked away, there was nothing to say.
Life is drifting and I'm too busy
to be the girl who chases your pretty face.

I want to be the girl you hold so close
I want to be the one you never leave
in the dark. I can see you looking for a seat
If I was that girl I'd wave and you might come
and see that that girl's deep inside of me.
And in love isn't all we could be.

But I'm not that girl (yet)
I'm waiting for a better net
one that doesn't require a detour
I'm too busy to let that her out,
She's shoved aside for that is the art of

She's Shy.
But she wants to be the girl who holds the key to your heart
And she wants to waltz her way across the delicate arch
In love. Yes the girl wants to fall for you.
But I can't do all that she wants me to
And I say you don't really want me to.
But I still wanna be the girl.