Monday, January 12, 2009

Mothers Note:
OK. Here she is. I was beginning to think that our Hermana had gotten "too busy to write." Luckily, I was wrong! My guess is that her e-mail was late because they finally got to go to the temple. That meant that her e-mail time was later than it has been. I want you all to know that we also appreciate the fact that you are praying for her. Also that you are writing her. She obviously LOVES it! We got some letters this week. It was lots of fun. On Michelle's letter....she put a PS that said that her estimated date of return(or departure) will be July 7 2010(that will be Michelle's 18th birthday)!!!Anyway, we love you all and pray that you are well. Have an awesome week!
Mom/Karen Loveless :D

Missionary Letter:
Lo siento, mi familia y mis amigos! This letter won't be very long, because I only have 17 minutes left! That, and I need to keep some time to print out Elder Sly's letter. Apparently, he was told it's alright for him to e~mail me... but I doubt it's okay for me to e~mail him back! He warned me to just print it out though... and I believe it, 'cause if anyone's long-winded, it's Elder Brian H. Sly! Hehe.

Anyhow.... This week has been FANTASTIC! We sent out our first parent district to Riverside or something, and now we've raised us up a new district of baby elders. This one elder has humongous glasses. I switch off between calling him Elder Big Glasses and Elder Kent... because he really looks way different without his glasses. He could totally be Superman under all that.

Dacia! Justin! Becky! Mel! Jared! Stacy! Michelle! Ashby, Cheryl, Jason, Mom, and... Oh! Sam! Thanks for your letters. They are truly the staple of my diet.

Hmmn... I'm not sure what the rules are on who exactly can send me e~mails. As far as I know, only direct family can do so. My Mom asked where Elder Jack Kelly (Hermana Katie Kelly, mi companera's brother) is going. He's now ropin and ridin in Dallas, TX.

Yesterday I got to talk to one of the French teachers here. Frere Vincent was tres amiable. Je pense qu'il est un bon professeur. It's great to be able to speak in broken French to people randomly, but it's scary. Scarier than speaking in Spanish, probably because everyone around me is speaking the spanish too. Mais... francais est mon favorite! (Don't tell Jason!) Oh, wait...

Today we were able to go to the Temple for the first time. It's been closed until now. :) It was an amazing experience. I love to go to the temple! It always makes me truly feel loved and prepared for anything that comes my way.

Hope you all have an excellent day. Please continue to write! Write about life and love and school and play and--- whatever! Even tiny notes are appreciated!

Dacia, Mel, Justin, and Sam have seen the light and written me letters since last time. HAVE YOU? ;)

Oh--- and thanks, uncle Phil for the little note.

Keep the Faith.
Don't Stop Believing.

~Hermana Amy Loveless
MTC Mailbox 226
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793