Monday, December 28, 2009

Do we have a birthday her?

So, here is our birthday message from our dear hermana!
She is well, as are we! It sounds like we need to pray more for her companion, Hermana Maas! We love you and are grateful for you writing and e-mailing Amy! Have a blessed week!
the mama and the papa! :D

Yes, we have a birthday here. Birthday where? Birthday here! AaaaaaaAaaaaaaaa!

:D I turned 22 today. YAY! The members of our ward are taking good care of me, and Hermana Maas bought me a cute hat!


Mom Question time brought to you by: Family, isn´t it about time?

Question 1: So, how are you and Hermana Maas getting along?
Me an´the Maasalot get along purdy good. She´s not been feeling super in the mornings, so we´re hoping it´s just some light flu that´s been subdued by our flu shots. Unfortunately, it still makes it tough to get all your normal study time in in the morning, even as one who is not sick because I am always worried about her. So we stress alot about whether she feels good enough to work, but we live happy and laugh often.

How is your Spanish? Todos me dicen que mi espaƱol este super bien. Tengo mucho para aprender todavia, y estamos trabajando fuerte para aprender juntas. Asi que, estoy bien. ...but there´s always lots of room for improvement.

How is Pamela? Pamela is good. She didn´t come to church this sunday, neither did we really see her last week, but I´m pretty sure she and Jose are fine. It´s just really hard for people to give up their worldly winnings for time set apart for God. Don´t know why. :/

A kid about our age named Roberto came this week. That surprised me! Hope he´s into it for more than just two gringas. ;)

That other couple you took to conference? There was just Jose and Pamela. :-o

How is Spring coming? Springish. It rained yesterday, and got a little chilly today, but it´s all good. I´m just using my sweater, sooo...

When is your next conference that will take you to Concepcion? The Conferences that take us up north aren´t very common. Especially Sister´s Conference. That only happens once a year. The others are when General Authorities come.

In the Ensign, there was an article about an hermana serving in Concepcion who is a fairly recent convert. She is from Texas. Is she in your mission?

There´s a sister from Texas...No. There WAS one. But she finished her mission. So I think she´s from the other mission. :D

Is there anything that you need? want?

I need a chocolate chip cookie recipe.

And nylons.
And a thumb drive.
Aaand... your love and prayers. Or maybe a purple skirt. XD Haha. And diet shakes. NAW. I´m good. :D

Love you all lots. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I´ll be recieving mail for Interviews this week, so I won´t get my mail again for awhile.

I can´t believe I´ve been out for 10 months. 8 months in Chile alone. The work is hard. The Work is good. The Work is a Refiner´s Fire. And I´m not gonna melt. I love it here. I just wish my camera would let me download the photos!!! :) Maybe one of those USB thumbdrive looking things that plugs the mem. card directly into the computure instead of through the camera. It´s just weird.


Love yous all.
Keep the Faith.
Don´t Stop Believing.

-Hermana Amy Loveless


Hope Mueller said...

I heard about the quake in Chile. Any news on if Pega is alright?