Monday, December 28, 2009

I hate that

....When you write the whole email out, then hurriedly try to add photos and 1) First off, your memory card is possessed and won´t let the photos be sent in e-mail, and 2) Suddenly the e-mail freaks out and erases it all. And don´t tell me, Dad, I know, I should have written it in Word first, but I didn´t and I´ll probably never learn and now your email will be shorter and less sentimental. XD ...Especially since my District leader just called and majorly guit tripped me.


So, how long has your companion been in the field? 11 months

Where does she fit in her family? She´s #2. Her older brother served in Puerta Rica

Where in Colorado does she live? Parker

Tell me some more random facts and fun things about her.
hermana Maas hates cats, loves music, and cleans up well. still can´t send photos. :/ Weird.

"I am going to mail your ATM card. Do you want me to activate it before I send it? I hope you aren't starving to death!!!"

MAybe, but hide it well... you are welcome to open some nylons and put them in as hiding materials... as well as other feminine products so that no one would possibly dig through for something... cause always pads are real expensive here. Plus the Office Elders are taking care of my not starving. XD

Wanted to write more.
Next time, evil internet! NEXT TIME!!!