Monday, December 01, 2008

100 things I'd like to do with my life.

I was just thinking, as we drove from So. Cal to No. Utah. A dangerous pastime, I know... but I was thinking how there are a lot of random things I'd like to do with my life that I don't think about very often--- and that thus people Don't know. So here they are:

100 things that I'd really like to do with my life-- in no particular order:

1. Graduate from College.
2. Go to Europe.
3. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. (kissing someone I love at the top wouldn't be too shabby, either.)
4. Publish a novel.
5. Publish a chilren's book. (I've sort of already done this-- but I didn't sell it to anyone. :D)
6. First kiss. (check)
7. Kiss in the rain.
8. Fall madly in love with an excellently funny, attractive, and talented returned missionary.
9. Marry either that guy, or an even better guy.
10. Own 2 cats-- an orange one named Rupert, and a black one named Baghera.
11. Create and teach my own classroom (but not the children).
12. Own a horse.
13. Stargaze regularly with people I love. (this one has to be an ongoing thing. I can never check it off. :D)
14. Go on a mission.
15. Own an English or Cockerspaniel. Or... a mutt that resembles one.
16. GO TO EGYPT. With Sister Pielago and Maria Jose.
17. The Colesium in Rome.
18. The Parthenon in Athens.
19. The Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.
20. The Louvre in Paris.
21. Big Ben in London.
22. Transylvania!
23. Speak (in French) to a native French-Speaker.
24. Speak (in Spanish) to a native Spanish-speaker. (besides telling my friend Alicia's mom, "No hables espanol." Everytime I knocked on the door.)
25. Go to New York City.
26. Go to Palmayra, New York.
27. Go to Kirtland, Ohio.
28. Go to Amish Country. (Living near them for an extended period of time would be AWESOME)
29. Boston.
30. Washington DC.
31. See wolves in the wild.
32. See coyotes in the wild.
33. Ride into the sunset. (With the prince, not the friar)
34. Visit as many national parks as possible.
35. Own my own car/vehicle. (A green VW bbug would be the best)
36. Tame a mustang!
37. Play drawing tag spontaneously. (See Daniel Powter's musical for "Bad Day," and you'll see what I mean)
38. Learn. Always.
39. Live debt free.
40. Skydiving.
41. Sell some art.
42. Go to Disneyland with the Girls.
43. Disneyland with my family. (again)
44. Be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.
45. Speak in an accent. ALL DAY.
46. Find hidden rooms at camp. (Secret window, random archery door--)
47. Waltz.
48. See wild horses.
49. Share the gospel with a stranger.
50. Share the gospel with a friend.
51. Pay it forward. (live it)
52. Help someone's dreams come true.
53. Meet a famous author (JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Diana Wynne Jones, Shannon Hale, etc.)
54. Orchard "Reunion."
55. Learn to play the piano.
56. Learn to sight read music.
57. Write my own song. (words, notes, and all)
58. Get some sort of vocal lessons.
59. Own a multicolored car.
60. Do something noble.
61. Dream the same dream as someone I love. (meaning... as we're both sleeping, we have the same dream. :D)
62. Be fit. :D
63. Finish a novel.
64. Have children.
65. Dance with my feet on his feet. <3>
66. Design a dress or costume and see it successfully sewn into life.
67. Be a voice actor in an animated film or clip.
68. Animate or be a part of the animation team for an animated film or clip.
69. Burst out into musical song and/or dance without embarrassment in a public place. Maybe even get someone to join in!(again)
70. Get flowers from a boy I like. (again)
71. Have a boyfriend. That'd be nice.
72. Read the Great Books.
73. Read all the Jane Austen Novels.
74. Read Charles Dickens!
75. Turn Thomas Pearlton into a character in a story.
76. Swim with dolphins.
77. Rockclimbing would be fun. (again)
78. Go to Chuck-E-Cheese's on a date.
79. Go to an Archery Range on a date.
80. Watch Pride and Prejudice with a boy I like. (Cuddling is encouraged)
81. Visit Bethersden in Kent, England and find out if Lovelace Place still exists.
82. Complete as much of a Pedigree chart as possible--- I mean... Family Tree Extraordinaire!
83. Return to Concepcion for the dedication of the temple!

I still have 20 left. I may add more if I think of a bunch. XD


Cheryl said...

Okay, I laughed and cried. I love you sis, I love this list. Honestly I'm at least slightly inspired!