Monday, December 01, 2008

Novels, Turkeys, and a bit of light reading.

I failed NaNoing. I got a little distracted by this thing called Thanksgiving.
It's really great, actually. You stuff your face until your stomach explodes. I actually gained two literal pounds. I don't usually weigh myself so often...

..I think I'll go back to that habbit. And I've even been working out! ...Occasionally.

See, the thing about me and working out is this: I really don't like to work out in front of people. If everyone else is working out individually (like, say, a gym) then that's fine. But working out at home, watching lame Tae Bo or 80's workout videos (My mom has a stock of both) is essentially lame if your marathon-running brother is nearby. I think I have an inferiority complex when it comes to being fit. ...In fact, I'm not even kidding about that one.

I did write about three pages this weekend, regardless of Thanksgiving.

I also read two books. Jane Eyre and Austenland. Both were fantastic romantic books.

Too bad I'm going on my mission, because--- I'm totally in the mood for a good smooch or two. Though... I'd probably fail at that, too. HAHA. Ahem.

Mmn... but Misters Rochester and Nobley are absolutely perfect for their respective women. Notice, I have amended my former ways. In all actuality, neither of these men are quite perfect for me. Though--- Mr Rochester is funny enough that I could totally be Jane Eyre for a day. That would be excellent. He even kisses her in the rain. though... Let's admit, they were just engaged... for the first time. And that whole crazy wife living in the attic thing-- I mean, cummon. Can't we just admit the lady's crazy, get her all divorced from you, and then make out with Jane? Psht. Looser. Haha. And Mr Nobley has that... I was trying to think of a problem he had. He... er... DIDn't kiss that Jane. (haha-- they're both Janes! That's enormously entertaining!) Well. He DID kiss her a whole lot in the plane. But that was after we found out he was really Henry, not Mr Nobley.

All in all, I encourage everyone to read the following:

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
Austenland, by Shannon Hale (A BYU graduate! Living here in Utah! ((I want to meet her)))

Oh yes. And I went to California for thanksgiving. Saw the fam. :D Pictures soon.


Dani Marie said...

I loved Jane Eyre! I read it again over the summer.

Cheryl said...

So I'll have to read Jane Eyre again soon, but I just loved this entry. Nobely is a fantastic name, but recently (like the last year) I've decided that Henry isn't a bad name at all!