Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, sometimes songs kinda half-form themselves in my mind. And... this morning, I woke up with this question on my mind:

Is it Twilight-induced?

Now, you all might laugh at me... you should, 'cause I laughed too when this question became a song. I've been trying to write the rest of it, but I'm sort of failing. Here's what I've got:

I promise I'm awake by nine AM,
but I don't want to get out of bed.
I'm too busy thinking of how
you used to mean nothing to me.

Is it Twilight-induced,
the way you're always on my mind?
Is it Twilight-induced,
the way I think you'd be a vampire?
(Yeah, I think that one is.)
It was Twilight-induced.
It was Twilight-induced.

Is it Twilight-induced,
That your skin is pale?
It's not ice cold.
(I kind of like that it's not ice cold.)
Is it Twilight-induced?
Is it Twilight-induced?

---That's all. Lol. I think the last stanza is by far my favorite. The rest is kinda... lame. Yup.

Seriously, though. That book/film is making it really hard for me to want to study lately. I just want to curl up in my blankets all day and daydream. It's pretty much my favorite. Pride and Prejudice did this too me too. :D

Oh, and yes, I read the book a long time ago, but I just saw the movie for the second time last night. I've decided that it gets better the second time. You learn to appreciate the cheeseyness. <3

It's also affecting my need to make Q'antesn less romantic. In other words, I'm having a really easy time writing the happy, romantic parts--- but not so much the main bulk of the story, which is really quite depressing and... un-romantic. Heheh.