Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First off, my art blog, Bored.Librarian.Sketches, is now up. The sketches are all old--- but maybe you'll like them. :D

So-- I'm completely way behind, but I'm still way excited for NaNoWriMo!! What's this, you ask? Well, National Novel Writing Month is just what it claims to be! It's participants are encouraged to write a novel in a single month. My only issue is that I'm still working on Q'antesn. The NaNo official website declares that whilst you may think of ideas before the month of November starts, you can't really have written anything-- so since I wrote 58 pages before this November (and that's not including my other drafts), I decided to just judge myself by word count and not actually turn myself in to win.

So far, I've written about 5,000 words. The goal is 40,000, so--- I'm way behind, but I'm determined to win! This is my biggest goal before I leave... minus read the Book of Mormon... for like the fourth time.

Anyhow... that's my update for now. meaning--- you might not get an update soon. I'm going to try to devote all my efforts to my novel... well, minus some intense drawing, a couple of roleplays, and some substitute teaching. haha.

Here's some random pictures to keep you happy:

Here's me in Cedar!! The only real surviving picture! It's me and my favorite Kate Brown!

Michelle's new kitten. We named her Sirah, after a friend of ours, whose online persona was characterized by a very fluffy gryphon. (Is my nerdness showing?!)

I WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! And this is my favorite picture. lol. It really has nothing to do with the temple. Maybe we were afraid to reenter the real world, after being caught up in the Spirit. Hehe.

Love ya all!! Keep checking!


Cheryl said...

Yay for sisters, temple, bored librarian, novel! I love your face!

Becky said...

Amy I love you! You're pictures made me smile! Especially the one outside the temple :_D