Monday, October 27, 2008

The Death of a Camera

Two Sundays ago, I turned 21.

My parents and family all asked what I wanted. Going on a mission makes this a little odd for me. Normally, I'd say something like, Spore--- you know, that rediculously fun new computer game? Yeah. Rediculously. But I was thinking of all these worldly things and I said,

"You know, I guess I need a new set of scriptures!"

But a few days later, I glanced at my old camera:
The label on the bottom reads: "This craptastic camera belongs to Amy Loveless, blahblah phone number, blah address."
This camera has served me well. I got it about midway through junior high, I believe? It served me through Several Girl's Camps, Youth Conferences, My first 3 years of college and girl scout camp. It has served me through battery corosion and being dropped, through Disneyland and Yellowstone. ---We're talking, one well-traveled camera. But film prices were rising, and all my friends had gone digital. I began to rely on them for pictures.

And Cheryl, my older sister and amateur photographer, was smart enough to realize. I needed a digital camera. I am about to embark upon the best year and a half of my life, and I want to document it.So I've already started. Here's my call. And yes. It's upside down. This is also documenting my new glasses. :D

So I took pictures of lots of random things. Zippy and Twitchy, the world's best goldfish. I took pictures of that rat cage I told you all about. I toook pictures of some random things in my house. The twister mat, the rocking horse, the landscape, the piano, and more.

So I was way excited when I headed down to Cedar City on Sunday night. I'd always wished I had more pictures to document my good times with my friends, and what better time to do than right before I left them for a year and a half?

Unfortunately, that first digital camera had a lot of issues. Namely, it didn't really like to turn on, and when it did in Cedar City, it acted like a legally blind person. I'm dead serious. Here's a picture of my favorite Dani:
So as soon as I came home, I turned in the old camera and got another. This one's working marvelously. :) Welcome to my life... in FULL COLOR! *gasp*


Becky said...

For some reason I really love the picture of the piano - it looks really cool! And I'm sad you had to leave us :-( But yay for visiting Cedar City! At least you came :-)

Dani Marie said...

I told you all your old-new camera needed was a pair of glasses!