Sunday, January 04, 2009


Hola Familia y amigos!


Lo siento que yo no... write-o before... ahora! Haha. Obviously, a week and a day en el CCM is not enough to give me an excellent vocabulary in Espanol. I really wish my P-day had been sooner, but alas... it was not. Cheryl, Jason, Michelle, Jared, Stacy, Jill Stucki, Becky Nielsen, and Elder Sly have already written me letters! The rest of you must REPENT!!! I need letters! All the Elders and sisters who came before me weren't kidding! Letters are the MANA of LIFE, especially when you're spending the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR in the MTC.

So, in case you didn't know, just a week before I came to the MTC, Elder Brian Sly reported as well! We were excited to know someone else in this vast, hugely spiritual place. However, Elder Sly and I never even saw each other until I sang in the Choir at the Tuesday Night Devotional. They tell you not to look at the screen, but I totally felt/saw out of the corner of my eye them zoom in on me reeeal close at least once. That was awkward--- but I knew that if Elder Sly didn't see me then, we probably wouldn't see each other for a LONG TIME. And, as sure as Santa Clause brought us all presents today(Well, the First Presidency and our Teacher, Hmo. Pace, but that's almost the same thing), he came bounding (that child does not walk) up the bleachers and appeared with a paper carnation in his lapel!

Since then, however, we've seen each other about once a day. Apparently, he's been promoted from assistant District leader to Zone Leader! Freak out! Little Brian is all grown up! :) I know Sister Sly will get this letter--- so cheer up this Christmas! Elder Sly is doing great! (His P-day was yesterday, so I'm sure you already know that, but I figure a second source is just as well.)

Mommy! Daddy! Famila! Friends! I love you all so much! And it's alright that I didn't get a package yesterday... and no letters either... (CHASTISEMENT SHALL COMMENCE!!!)... It's alright. Because I know you're all praying for me and loving me, because I'm ACTUALLY LEARNING SPANISH. (French is still my only love, but I'm starting to like this thing, Espanol.)

Keep praying and writing. My P.O. Box is #226-- that'll help make sure my letters get here sooner. :)

Keep the faith. Don't stop believing.

And... Melanie, Dacia, Sarah, Monica, Dani, Kate and Sam--- I BETTER get a letter soon. :OP I know you're busy, but I miss you all so much.

Mommy, Daddy... Family... send me a picture, Kay?

Je vous aimez.
Vive Chile!
(My companion and I are both going to Chile. I am SO excited!)

Only 2 minutes Left! :(

~Hermana Amy Dianne Loveless(