Sunday, January 04, 2009

(upside down exclamation point)Feliz Anyo Nuevo!

So things took a little while for all to be arranged but for all interested I will do my best to update our beloved Hermana Loveless' mission here. She has had 2 P-days so far, and here are her two emails home.

Title: (upside down exclamation point)Feliz Anyo Nuevo!

Hola Amigos y Familia!

So, I must say one of the wierdest moments ever is going to sleep at 10:30 on New Year's Eve, knowing the rest of the world is party hardying. :) But it's a great feeling to wake up the next morning and feel the blessings of serving the Lord. Today is P-day numero dos, y mis companeras y mi have started calling it Dia del Pantalones!! Por que every other day we wear a falda(skirt) except when in el gymnasio. I'm learning so much here! Thanks to everyone who's sent letters/Dear Elder mail. I LOVE mail through Dear because it makes mail come twice a day!

Elder Sly is now in New York! We got pictures by the gigante map and everything! Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera to the computadora lab, so I can't send photos with this e~mail. However, I am mailing my memory card to Cheryl, and she'll upload them and put them on my blog: a few days.

A typical day en el CCM (Centro de something de Misioneros) is pretty much like a day in the life of a college student, except without girls wearing pants or kissing boys. At 6:00 we are all up and getting ready. By 7 we have class or personal study time, and then my entire zone has breakfast in the MTC cafeteria. That place is a MACHINE. They've got it fine-tuned and working for ME! It's great. Lots of missionaries complain about the food, but I think it's just fine. Except--- there's bacon for almost every breakfast, and I have a reaaal hard time resisting bacon.

Then we have class--- which usually comes in HUGE blocks of time, causing most of us to drop off into daydreams occasionally. Daydreams of the day we actually get to go out there and spread the Good Word of God. To see people change their lives for the better and be baptised! Those are the dreams we dream.

But we do learn. We learn so much. A four hour class period usually goes in about 25-30 minute chunks of gospel study from excellent books like the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Preach My Gospel; or spanish study. Spanish study is fun. Our teacher, Brother Peterson, totally cracks me up. He's single if anyone wants his number... jk! Jk!

And then we have lunch at 1, companion study time, and Spanish Study time in the Computer Labs. Then we have more class or Gym, then Dinner, more class, planning time, and then bedtime. We're always in bed by 10:30 sharp! Okay, so sometimes 10:40. But no later.

Gym is one of our favorite times of day. I usually play volleyball with the rest of our zone, or else I run on the elypticals... not sure how that's spelled. But I love it.

So, there you go Mom, Becky. A day in the life. I learn so much everyday. It gets pretty monotonous sometimes, which is why personal and Companion Study time are so precious to me! It's the time I have to truly feel the Lord's hand in my life as I read his holy scriptures and pray with my companion.

Also-- Hermana Katie Kelly is from Tampa, FL. :) Someone asked that.I'm mailing out letters to several of you today... but I've got four minutes left of e~mail time! Sorry it's so long--- hope you read most of it!

With Love,
Hermana Amy Dianne Loveless
The Amyable Missionary herself.

Keep the Faith.
Don't Stop Believing. (dadada)

Mom-- if you could attatch my address here, that'd be awesome. I don't have it memorized. :/

Sister Amy Dianne Loveless
MTC Mailbox #226
2005 N 900 E


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