Thursday, January 15, 2009

So, this is the third time I've written this letter, so forgive me if it is brief. The computers here in the laundryroom all decided to rebell against me, and now I've resorted to using HErmana Salisbury's e~mail. Speaking of which... yes, she's finally here! I don't know if I told you, but a few days before Christmas, they told us Hermana Salisbury would be joining us. She was returning from sickleave, and they said she'd be here on the 26th of December. Lo and behold, they finally call us up last thursday and we got her just in time to bond with her a bit before we sent of Hermana Goins to the Spain MTC.

#1- What is my favorite part of the MTC?
It's a hard choice. Really, I love a lot of stuff here! For example, our teacher Hermano Chandler makes me laugh so hard! He replaced Hno Peterson, who was definitely more on top of things, but... not quite so random and fun. Hno Chandler always puffs up his cheeks. It makes him look like a monkey. We all secretly laugh at it. But now he knows too. Oh well.

I also love when Elder Holland comes! For example, this Tuesday he spoke at our Devotional, and said that the little children at home think of us as superheroes flying around. Then we pause over Omaha and say, "I see evil! I will go down!"

Thusly, Mommy--- will you PLEASE PLEASE please buy Ashby one of those "Future Missionary" tags from Deseret Book? I really want her to have one. And take pictures please? And make sure she's wearing a cape.

#2- Do we have new babies this week?

YES. We even got new Hermanas. Hermana Jensen and Hermana Roberts were officially initiated into our sisterhood last night. We put them through the ring of fire and officially wailed and said "Sharkbait, Ohahaha!" It was FABULOUS.

#3 Yes, Yo estoy aprendido(?) muchas espanol. Espanol es muy divertito y facil... sometimes. Hehe. I love it though.

#4- There are 11 in my district. There were 12 for a teensy bit, but then Hermana Goins left us.

Soooo--- Erm... I don't remember what else I wanted to say.

Oh! I love you all! Letters rock! I'm having a hard time writing back, though. There's not much time when your EMAIL HATES YOU. Ahem.


-Yes, mom. I have my debit card. In fact, I just used around 7.50 on it.
-The moose was great.

Dacia--- I love you! Sorry I haven't written back yet!Oh-- and where are the cookies? Mom said you sent them, but I didn't see them yet. :/

Jason and Sam-- All I have to say is, I totally knew Sam liked you. I'm glad you finally return her affection. She's basically one of my favorite small cute people. ;)

Oh, and que significa "afuera," mama?

Se quiero!

Random Scripture: 2 Ne 25:26

Keep the faith. Don't stop believing.
~Hermana Loveless