Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Day! Yay! is this week's e-mail. I have no idea why it wasn't here yesterday. I found it this afternoon! There is a lot of fun info and 4 new cool pictures. I hope that this finds all of you well and happy. We had an awesome time at Moab. We(all of us) hiked up to Delicate Arch. It was totally awesome...kind of scary...I think I have a bit of vertigo. I still was way happy that I did it Well, it looks like they had a fun trip to the beach(playa)...though it would have been fun to see the beach! Well, I need to get going. I will write a quick note week.
Love and hugs to all of you,
Mom & Dad/Karen & Mike

Hola, Familia and Amigos!

First of all, I´m going to answer some questions:How is my new Apartment?(Cheryl)
It´s great, yeah! I mean, there´s problems here and there, but that´s normal... especially in Chile.

Do all of the same girls...missionaries live with me?(Cheryl)
Yup! It´s still me, Hna Núñez(Chile), Bardales(Peru), Arispe(Bolivia), Cabreras(Mexico). We´re quite the international group. Next Monday comes my first Transfer. Things are sure to change then, and I´ll let you all know how it goes.

Since I´m in the Zone Talcuhuano Sur, am I living in Talcuhauno? (Mom)
No. Talcuhuano is the nearest "Ciudad", which, yes, means city, but I live in Hualpen, which is a... suburb? More or less of Talcuhauno, which is more or less a suburb of Concepción. Look me up on Google Maps, yeah? Haha. But our Barrio(ward) Is composed of three Communes... which has like, no real translation into American City...ness... except Community. They´re called Parque Central, Lan C, and Renae Schnider. That Third one definately has German routes to its name, but the people still look Latino, yeah?

How is my companion?(Cheryl)
That´s kinda a weird question, actually. She´s feeling alright. Haha. She´s been having a migraine lately, though. She´s kinda like a mixture of Melanie and Dacia and... someone else, which makes for a pretty excellent friend. haha.

What is the best part of my new place?(Cheryl is full of questions)
The bathroom is sanitary, yeah! And my bedroom has cloud wallpaper. And... the Kitchen is gigantic compared to the other!

My least favorite part?
Um... nothing, really. The train goes by real close, but it never wakes me up. I usually sleep like a rock.

OKAY---- Moving on. I think. Cheryl may have more questions. You never know. Nunca Sabe, ya?

So, Jason saw my buddies at an Honors Convention. YAY. And Mom saw some Crouches... YAY! Dani, please send me your new adress in Boston as soon as you have it! Especially if you and Kelly have announcements to send me soon.... Hahaha.

Ashby´s wearing Big Girl Panties?! No way! Good job! Give her a hug for me and tell her that I miss her and I´d love to recieve a letter from her soon! (I think one´s on the way, ´cause I haven´t recieved any.)

And you guys went to MOAB!?! Could you send me photos, Cheryl? Or a link to your blog, even! I´m jealous because I don´t even remember the last time we went to Arches. :( But oh well... I went to the Playa! haha!

Oh, and Mom, I think that WiiFitness thing is on drugs, Because How old does it say Cheryl and Ryan are? Or Jason? I don´t like it. haha. Telling people they´re ancient isn´t nice, videogame!

Congrats to Courtney Waldron for her engagement! I had no idea! :)

Happy Birthday to Becky and Happy Anniversary to Cheryl and Ryan, and... When is Dad´s Birthday again? Lol.

I love you all, and sorry that I can´t write letters more often. I sent off a whole bunch last Tuesday, and I have one more to send this week or possibly more since I have like, tens to respond to. (I mean tens, because it´s like, 20 of them, and I almost said tons, but it´s not tons, only 20! haha=)

And Jason, My MP3 player works great, but my roommates liked it so much that they played it constantly and I´m out of batteries already. But they sell AA and AAA batteries here, I´m just too lazy to get some. Haha.

I miss and love you all, but the work of the Lord calls!

Don´t stop Believing!

Sincerely yours,
con Amor,

Hermana SinAmor
The Amyable Missionary herself.

PS--- The photo of the family is of Julio and his family, minus his sister Yessenia who is taking the picture. The others, minus the St. Patty´s day one, which is obvious... are of the Beach adventure last P'day. Today our biggest adventure is to watch a Disney Movie (allowed by our Mission President) at an Investigator´s house.

Love ya!