Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Autumnish Time!

Hola a todos!!! How are all of you? We are fine! Jason is running a half marathon on Saturday. We are going to Moab to watch. We are hoping that it is kinda warm!!! Oh, Amy wasn't able to send any new pictures...hopefully, we'll be able to get them. Maybe, Cheryl knows how to get into her downloaded pictures??? We love you all and hope and pray that you will keep Amy and those she works with(companions and those she is teaching), in your prayers. Thanks for your continued love and support!
Karen & Mike(mama y papa) :D

Hola! We went to the beach again today. The whole Zone of missionaries went! It was great because we took a public bus and pretty much filled it to the brim. :) Photos to come. Hopefully. My cameras been acting funny, but it may just be this memory card or my fault. Basically, it works fine except when the batteries are low, and then it likes to erase all my pictures. So my entire first month in the mission, minus what I sent you guys and what I have today, is erased. I think I´m going to use some of my e-mail time today to upload what I have to my google account.... so forgive me if this is short.

Life in the mission is good. We have a lot of investigators, but they aren´t living up to their commitments. I think I know what it is, though. We´ve been forgetting to promise them blessings! What I mean by this is the following: Everytime we ask someone to do something, we promise the person that God will bless them. And if you think that´s silly, I challenge you to read in the scriptures a bit. Everytime God gives us commandments, he also tells us what will happen if we keep them. This is all we´re doing.

For example, if someone goes to church with us on Sunday, obviously their life will be blessed. They will recieve more knowledge of Jesus Christ and his beautiful plan for us here on the earth. Not only that, but if they apply what they learn... for example, to love your neighbor as yourself, they´re bettering themselves and the community. Am I right? Only, sometimes(most of the times) You gotta point this out to people. It´s like telling someone to eat less fast-food without telling them why. :)

I know this work is the Lord´s Work. I love you all so much, and I´m sorry I can´t write more.

Keep the Faith. Don´t Stop Believing.

-Hermana Loveless
The Amyable Missionary Herself