Monday, March 16, 2009

MARCH! Yay! Photos! Yay!

Here´s Last Week´s e-mail. Apparently, I sent it to myself. ¡Lo siento! Oh, and I have no idea how to do upside down exclamation marks. Here, they´re programmed into the keyboard... and often, the keyboards just look different to begin with.

This week´s e-mail, coming soon!

Love ya!
-Hna Loveless

Familia y Amigos

Hola! So… My pictures are taking forever to load, so I´m writing this in Word. Nope, it´s not “Palabra”, it´s just Word. Haha. Anyhow, a few things I know you´re all DYING to know:

My Zone is Talchuano Sur... and I´m not sure if I spelled that right. Our ward (Barrio) is called Cerro Verde. That´s green hill for the Spanish disinclined. It´s fairly close to Concepcion. In fact, right now I´m writing this e-mail IN Concepción. We´re here because Lider is here... which is kind of like a Chilean Wal-mart, only... different. I´m pretty sure Bryan Bullock told me about Lider, now that I think about it. But I still can´t remember how to say, “I´m as Chilean as the beans.” So... Bryan, if you could send my mom this... or even better, write me a smallish letter containing it, you´d basically be my hero.

Speaking of Bryians.... Mom, could you please add Brian Sly´s e-mail to the list? I´m not sure if he´s recieving these and I´m pretty sure he´d like to. If Annette(his Mommy) says otherwise, then that´s great too.  His e-mail is: Original, right? Haha.

So... Moving on... I decided on some things I´d like sent, if you don´t mind.

-Reese´s cups, the little ones... impossible to find here, and my companion likes them.
-York mint pattie things. There´s this lady in my ward that wants a couple.

Other than that... Nothing.

Oh... and my companion accidentally erased all my photos. My Camera is now in Spanish to prevent further transgressions on her part, but this means all our EXCELLENT photos of the beach are lost. And of my last week in the MTC. INCLUDING MY MATRIX PHOTOS.  Which is way sad cause they were GREAT. Anyhow, I think I´m almost out of time... So... what more...

Lorena, that is to say, the lady with two kids perfectly ready for baptism, has been diagnosed with cancer. We are going to try to call or visit her today. If everyone could have her family and Julio´s family in your prayers, I´d love it.

Oh... in case I forget next time... MARCH HAPPENINGS:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carin, Kate, Dacia, Sam G, and Becky!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! Letters or cards are or will be on their way, except that Carin.. I don´t think I have your address.

And Cheryl and Ryan... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SOON! And Stacy and Jared, too, I think.

Love you all,

-Hermana Amy Loveless
The Amyable Missionary herself.
(Sorry that I forgot to include a scripture!)