Wednesday, March 04, 2009

La Playa, Los Miraglos, y el... mold. Haha

Hola a todos! Hello everyone! :D Her title for today's e-mail is: The beach, the Miracles(?) and the mold.
Well, another week has passed. It is amazing how quickly each of the days/weeks/months go by...don't you think? Well, we are doing pretty well. Mike has been goin to Physical therapy to help reduce/eventually eliminate the Lymphodema in his left leg. Mostly we have learned how to clear his lymph nodes and massage to help improve the lymph circulation...then, weare wrapping his leg twice each day to compress the leg and help it get smaller.(Kind of squeeze the juice out of it.) It takes more time for me than Jason but, his leg is improving! We go back to his third appointment tomorrow. I think that we are hoping that she will tell us that we are doing a GREAT job! Also, that she can see much improvement.
Well, thanks for your love and letters to our Hermana!!!
Mom and dad Loveless :D

Lo siento! que yo no puedo escribir mas la semana pasada, pero a hora, yo pienso que you puedo. That was a crazy sentence. Even in English! It´s kinda funny, lately, whenever I say, Ënglish¨ it comes out´Inglesh! Hahaha... like Spanish and English mixed up. :OP Oh, and yes, the sign in Chile said, All Ways Exciting... in English. Also, In the photo from Julio´s Baptism, it was his friend Valentina(also a recent convert), Julio, Myself, and the Lovely Hermana Nuñez. Not his mother. And I went and saw the video of Ashby!!! SO CUTE! NEW BABY BISHOPS ON THE WAY!!!! Yey!

So... This week was all sorts of fun. My Spanish continues to be complimented, though I really don´t think I speak any better than a 5 year old. And I certainly don´t speak like a Chilean 5 year old, because they don´t pronounce words in correct,¨"Castillian" Spanish here. For example, ¿Como esta? Always sounds like ¿Cómo esta?, Even when it´s ¿Cómo Estas? Yeah... I´m pretty sure Chilean Spanish has some random French influences. It´s hard for me to make the integration without speaking espançais and getting EVERYONE confused. Haha. But it´s good.

We actually aren´t moving out of the old appartment until later today, and here are some photos of the apartment to help you see why we want to move. I´m pretty sure the entire house is infested with mold. I bought fresh peaches at (YES) an open air market the other day, and they´re already, sadly, fuzzier than normal. The water always leaks from the Shower faucet(how do you even spell faucet?), And the valve where the water goes into the toilet, hence the floor in the bathroom is always quite wet... And, yes, disgusting. Sadly, I don´t have any pictures to show of the new house´s insides. I DO have one of the outside, though. And then you can also see what the typical house looks like in Chile. :D

Hmmn... Yes, Mommy, our neighborhood in North Ogden is... INDESCRIBABLE to these people. Seriously. Mostly because I always forget the word for grass (Pato is duck, right? But grass is close... like... paltos or palpo or something), and I have NO idea how to say front yard or back yard or peeling paint or walls thick enough to have insulation in them... Haha. But the people are happy. And so am I. Our new house has a little patio in the back and a yard-ish thing in the front.

And yes, on P-day, we can go see the sights and stuff. Last week we went to the beach!!! It was so beautiful! And there were PELICANS! Lots of them! And these other weird black birds that we just called ducks cause they looked like them, and, of course, seagulls. I tried to have Hermana Nuñez tell me what the seagulls say in ¨Buscando Nemo", But she couldn´t remember or didn´t understand me. One of the two. OH! And there were Sand crabs!! It made me very happy. (Oh, and one p-day soon, we´´re gonna see if we can go to Laguna de Laja... that´s the National Park I told you guys about.)

Erm... but as far as missionary work goes, We´ve found one lady named Larena just golden and ready for baptism. She´s taken lessons from the Missionaries before elsewere, but now she lives with her Evangelical mother who is quite against any other religion with her two sons. We´re trying to find a good place to meet up with her, since obviously, she doesn´t want to meet in her own home. She was also sick this Sunday so she couldn´t attend Church, but she seems excited and raring to go!

We took two of Julio´s little sisters and a little girl named Rocio to church on Sunday. Rocio lives with her grandmother, who is catholic, but her husband is (or was, I´m not sure) a member of our church. She is nice enough to do our laundry for us each week! Yay!

Food! Food is good. They have lots of fruits and vegetables, which I LOVE, but has had an... interesting effect on my digestion. Haha. They also have these excellent little... flatish pieces of bread called Pansitos which are just big enough to cut in half and make a sandwich out of. And they taste EXCELLENT. I LOVE pansitos. But the food is mostly the same. I tried a new fruit the other day. I don´t know what to call it in english, but in Spanish it´s the same word as cucumber, which I also can´t remember, except with the word "Fruta" after... and it does taste kinda like a sweeter version of a cucumber and looks nothing like one. It´s kinda pearish in shape with a nectarineish skin and flesh like a melon. Crazy.

Um... I think It´s time for me to write my mission president now... but as for needing anything, I dunno... I need... love? Haha. Just kidding. But seriously... I´ve got everything I need as far as I know. And... I only get packages every... zone or mission conference? I´m not sure which it is, but the Mission President comes and two zones meet and we eat and learn and get mail!!! Yay! But other than that, I don´t get any mail but e-mail. So... we just had one, and I got your DearElder letters Mom and Cheryl and my Girlies in Cedar´s letter... and more. eight letters! Yay! But only once every 5 weeks or so. So... keep that in mind when you send it. We just had it this Thursday, so if you send something soon, it should get here in plenty of time.

I love you all, and I wish I had a scripture to share with you, but I actually don´t have my scriptures with me. We´re just a little bit away from our apartment, so... yeah. I forgot.

Love you all tons!
Keep the faith! And the Writing! And sorry that it takes me a long time to write back. :( I´m trying.
Don´t stop believing.

-Hermana Amy Loveless
The Amyable Missionary Herself
The Apartment building she is moving from.

The house she is moving to.

The reason she is moving....evil MOLD!


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