Monday, February 23, 2009

Estoy en Chile!

Hello everyone. I am sorry that I didn't get back to you all until today. Amy is in Chile...She got there last Tuesday. This is her first p-day in Chile. Her mission president's wife called Saturday night...she was very apologetic about the apartment. I thought it was a window problem...aparently, it is a mold problem....ewwww!. Sister Swenson(aforementioned MP's wife...) said that they think that Amy is Fabulous...that is awesome! We totally agree! Our Amy sounds well. She didn't even seem to have time to tell us how crazy her first moments were...I am sure that we will hear about that later...
Well, we are busy...getting dinner, etc Have a great week!
Our love and thanks to all of you!
Karen and Mike
A.K.A Mom & Dad :D

Hello!! I don´t have much time today, but here are some pictures to keep you happy. The first is of my first baptism! The little boy (I believe the bishop is in this picture too) is Julio! Julio is a crazy boy. He is 16. Can you believe it? I certainly couldn´t. But he has accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was baptized this saturday! The second is of me and my roommates my first day here. Mom... I don´t have good pictures of the bathroom and the mold, and that´s where the problem is. But right behind us is the hallway that is almost always soaked with water. C´est la vie, eh, papa?

But! I´ll have pictures of the house soon, and also of our new house we´re moving into tomorrow!

Chile is "All ways exciting" as the sign says at the Santiago Airport. I love it here, and wish I could write more, but my time is running out. I think I could buy more time, but I don´t want to. I´m in a little internet CafĂ©... without the coffee. Suffice it to say that the buildings here look HORRIBLE on the outside, and not always much better on the inside, but almost everyone has modern appliances like microwaves and televisions and computers. The water is drinkable, and the food is delicious! Love you all,

Julio (16), his Mom, Hermana Amy, Companionera
Amy's first day in Chile with new Companion and other missionaries!