Monday, March 30, 2009

The time changed a while back

Hola amigos y familia!!!
So, here is this week's update from our Amyable missionary! She is staying in Talcuhuano. Apparently, it is a fishing town...interesting and apparently...stinky. I hope that all of you are well. So far, we are still having more of a Winterish Spring. Hopefully, the real thing will come soon. Everyone is ready for it. We got about 6-8 inches last Thursday and then another 6-8 inches yesterday and today. Crazy!!!
So, she is happy and so are we! Lots of love to all of you. We hope and pray that you are well and happy!
Karen & Mike...AKA...Mom & Dad :D

Maybe that´s why you didn´t get my letter until late. Plus, I put all those photos it didn´t want. Haha... yeah, Mom, I know what a Route is.... I just spelled Root funny cause I was in a hurry. My english doesn´t perish THAT quickly! Mwahaha! Yeah, so the transfer happens tomorrow, and I sure do have a P-day! Yeah, Jason´s mission was wierd, apparently. Mine rocks. Yay! No... the ¨Yeah," -ness is because I picked it up here... it´s like... just me, mostly. I found out you can say, "Ya" sometimes here in Chile instead of "Si" and got all excited and use it more than necessary... and so now it´s rubbing off on my English, yeah! :D Talcuhuano is the spelling, I `believe. We call it Guacalahuano because guacala is the coolest word ever for "gross," right? Haha. And it´s a fishing town so it reeks of fish, basically. Oh... TRANSFER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here´s the deal: 5 new Hermanas are coming, and only one is leaving, so that means that Two barrios will have missionaries who didn´t before! My companion, Hermana Veronica Núñez is going to Temuco... which is far away in the South! :( There she will end her mission with Hermana Paez of Argentina, who came to the mission at the same time as me. Her former companion is the other Hermana Núñez, who is also from Argentina and is coming to Cerro Verde to be my second Mommy/aka Trainer. So... a change of Face and personality, but not of name! Crazy, huh? (Oh... this is kinda like the "Yeah" thing... blahablahblah, huh?) Hermana Cabrera of Mexico will be the only sister staying with me in the House, and will be training one of the newbies. The Newbie is still a mystery. We won´t know who she is until she gets here tomorrow! Lider is like WalMart... we shopped there once. Most of the time we shop at Unimarc or Santa Isabel which are more like Smith´s or something. We send out and check our e-mail at local internet cafes. :) Speaking of how Lider is WalMart... apparently Walmart bought stock in Lider, and is now coming to Chile. Haha. Funny, right? Hmmn... what else? Oh!Packages. Honestly, Mommy... Packages are not a must. I can survive without Reese´s for another 14ish months... They do have chocolate here, after all! Haha. There´s this really yummy one called Sahne-nuss actually. It´s a nestle product... but it´s shaped like a toblerone and tastes about as amazing. But it´s sort of expensive. Random fact of Chilean-ness for the week: About 500 Chilean Pesos is equivalent to a dollar. Also, everyone here thinks the USA is dangerous because all they hear on the news is how people are killing people and stuff. I keep trying to explain to them that the USA is a very very big country, but they never seem to understand. Lol. You´d think they would, since not all of Chile´s all that safe either...but... yeah. Old people, mostly are confused.


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