Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here comes the sun, dododo!

Otay everybody!!!So, to you who are chosen to receive letters...congrats! To you who have sent're the best! I hope that each of you are well and enjoying the wonderful season of Spring! We are! I have to admit that it is a bit strange to think that Amy is having Fall and when our summer comes, she will have winter! It is totally backwards. So, I have lots to do so that we can get ourselves ready for our summer break! I hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying the fact that school is or will soon be out. We are trying to figure out our summer. We hope that each of you have a wonderfully blessed week. I guess that I have an assignment. Plus, I need to get a real "snail mail letter" off to our favorite missionary.

Hola, Amigos y Amigas, Padres y hermanos!

This week I´m sending out letters to: Amber Bowden, Elder Zelenski, and Monica, Sam, and Sarah... only... I know it probably won´t get there before finals are over. And... I´m sorry. :(

Can I just admit that sneaking onto people´s blogs is my favorite? Don´t worry, I´m pretty sure there´s not actually any rule against it, so long as I´m not spending more than my hour on the computer. I found out that a) Kelly Ahern is home from his mission, and b) He and Dani are already happily engaged... (Who didn´t see that one coming?) And... also that Becky, Justin, Bryan, Kate and Dani are having all sorts of fun without me. BUT NEVER FEAR!!! I am still having a blast


Oh, yeah... and I also saw all these fun pictures of Cheryl and Michelle going dress window shopping... which is THE BEST. Oh, and Cheryl is TOTALLY HAVING A GIRL! Which is awesome, because we had lunch at the Bishop´s house two days ago, and he said his guess was a girl. Bishops are smart people... right Cheryl Bishop? Hahaha.

The work goes forward in Cerro Verde. We talk with everyone we meet, which is almost everyone we see. You learn funny things about the way people work when you talk to hundreds every week. Like how most people live in their own little world, working and eating, watching the Simpsons and listening to their ipod. We talk to them and we don´t always matter to them at all. We´re not a part of their bubble that is their world within the world. I guess what I´m trying to say is that this work is about finding those whose bubble is a little more transparent. A bubble willing to let us in. A lot of people´s bubbles seem to be made of tough stuff. Like... bricks or something. But we´re finding. And we´re teaching.

This work isn´t about where the church is strong or where it is not. It´s about bringing others to the awareness that they are capable of so much because they are children of a God who is all-powerful. Sometimes even members forget that. It´s about lifting others. It´s about learning about God so that you can learn to love yourself, learn to change yourself, and learn to let go of who you were so you can help others find out who they really are.

Wow. That was a complicated paragraph. But I hope you all know what I´m trying to say.

The scripture of the week here in the mission is Acts 5:55-56. Read it. Love it.


Mom, I´m pretty sure that next week I´ll know more about the infamous Mother´s day call. :) For now, just know that We have a member´s house in mind. When do you have Church? I need to make sure I can call at a time that´s not too late here, but not so early that you´ll all be at church.

So, I´m like freaking out about the season difference. Here, all the farmers markets are finishing up and stuff, and there, you´re planting stuff.

Cheryl... I kinda like Ashby´s made-up name, too. But you don´t have to like it. haha. Saranah... Seranna... But Avery´s pretty too. Haha.

Sorry I haven´t written, Michelle, Jason, Adam, etc. But thanks for writing. And thanks, Cousin Dave! :D

Love you all.

-Hermana Amy Loveless

PS- Mommy, if you´re going to send a packagey thing soon, Hermana Nuñez requests one of those downeast undershirts... the ones with sleeves. You can use my money from the tax return and she´ll give me the amount in Pesos. :D She´s probably a medium. And she wants a white. I´d like some too, in happy colors if you don´t mind,and in happy brilliant colors. I´d like a blueish teal one for sure. (one or two would be fine, and you can send those in those flat rate envelopes for something like 12.00 or so.

PHOTOS- We painted a school! Yay! And we found a secret grove of trees! Double yay!