Monday, May 04, 2009

A Funny Prep Day

Hello everyone!
So, we had a terrific thunder/lightening storm last night which included 1/2 inch size hail. It was pretty crazy for about 15 minutes, at least.(I didn't actually time it) Anyways, happys of happiness...Amy called me about 15 minutes e-mail hadn't made it soooo, she called to see what time we could talk on Sunday!!!! It was soooooooooo cool! So, she will get two e-mails next week. :)/:( Well, we are going to drive to Dever(area) the weekend after next so, I need to get lots done before so we can relax and enjoy! I hope all of you are well and happy! We talked with my Aunt Annette and my friends Ann and Don Hoeffner this weekend. Thanks for the visits! Michelle is trying out for a special Productions group at Weber High School. It is a small group that has 1 period in her schedule and she gets to learn the ins and outs of theatre and has the chance to be part of some smaller cast productions! Say a little prayer or two for her...she's trying out at 5 PM and we won't find out until Friday!!!We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day and that you all treat your mom special!!!Love,Karen & Mike Loveless Have a wonderful week!!! :D

THANKS DACIA, JUSTIN, and CHERYL for the letters. Cheryl... I´m not sure which letter it is. It´s pink and taped up all over the place. And there´s an Ashby scribble, but no painting, which made me a teensy bit sad. But Letters they are! Yay!
Today is strange because we only have half our P-day. Tomorrow the Zone will be going to some Perusian boat that Chile stole years ago. I´m not sure why, it doesn´t sound very exciting to me... but it kinda reminded me of Dad and stopping at random historical site signs to read them and then I felt happier. :D
Dani Crouch´s Engagement pictures are freakin´ adorable... as they would be.
What else?
Um, so i kinda found out that my ski jacket I bought and decided I wouldn´t need is actually what everyone says I need. It gets way cold when it rains and I don´t have a warm fluffy jacket(or a whole lot of good, thick sweaters) to wear underneath. But Hna Nuñez says that I can buy something similar rather cheap here in Conce. So... don´t send it. I´ll find something here.
How is everyone? Everyone here´s freaking out about some weird Pig flu that is apparently rampant in Mexico and they think in the states, too... but I´m guessing you guys would tell me if there was really anything to worry about.
Stay happy. I´ll talk to you soon! Love you.
Um... scripture. Romans 5:3-5 :D Enjoy.
So... I kinda ran out of stuff to say. So... picture time!
I don´t remember what pictures I sent last week, and my batteries died, so... sorry if they´re the same or similar. Hehe. But here we are!
Love you all!
Keep the Faith. Don´t stop believing
-Hermana Amy Dianne Loveless.
Misión Chile Concepción Sur
O´Higgins 940 Oficina 503