Monday, May 11, 2009

San Pedro or Bust!

Hola Familiares! So, yesterday was Mother´s Day everywhere but Argentina, apparently. I got to talk to Mom, Michelle, Stacy and Jason for Telephone! Dad got to talk to me for a few minutes, but then we ran out of time. :( Oh well! Today I´m going to call Cheryl and Ashby... and Ryan, if he´s there. Hopefully you guys can hear me. I had to repeat myself like three times to everyone last night, which made it a bit difficult, but... I LOVE YOU ALL, and I hope you know it. I sent out three letters today! Melanie, Brian, and Russell should be expecting letters in two weeks or more. I also got a phone call Saturday from my District Leader telling me I´ve been TRANSFERED! Whee! I´m going to a city nearby that´s called San Pedro de la Paz. In English, Saint Peter of Peace or something like that. It sounds better in Spanish. Here in Hualpen we recieved our first real rainstorm of the winterish season! It rained for two days pretty much straight. And we still work the same as normal... and thusly, got quite wet. But today we went to the office to get my waterproof skirt and rainslicker. Oooh. I look so... huge in them. The slicker has to be big enough for my backpack, so it´s a bit... hideous, but I should be nice and dry underneath, which is what really matters. And a Scripture for everyone. Those who aren´t mormon can look it up at Moroni 8:3 :D Amyably yours, Hermana Loveless PS- My address will still be the same. Also, please make sure you address letters to my formal name. I just realized the other day that some of you might be sending them to Hermana SinAmor. Haha. President Swenson said they´ll probably just throw something like that away. So... Hermana Loveless! :D