Monday, May 18, 2009

San Pedro de la Paz

Hello there everyone!
How are you? We made a quick trip to Colorado over the weekend. We were able to see Adam's new home and we were able to see his graduation from electrician school. We also met Denise's(his girlfriend) parents and thoroughly enjoyed our visit.We arrived back home very late(midnightish) and went about our regular routine(most of us) anyways. It sounds like Hmna Loveless is doing well and is happy in the work she is doing! We are trying to get our yard and garden up and running for the summer. We are happy and glad to be back to our own beds.
Jason ran the 1/2 marathon( Ogden) on Saturday and drove with a friend to Sacramento afterward. He is a bit crazy...awesome and amazing, but CRAZY!
Our love and best wishes,
Karen & Mike :D

Well, I hope you finally got the letter from last week.

I am safe and sound and speaking English occasionally in San Pedro. It´s not really that close to the beach for those of you who were wondering. I actually can´t see the beach from here, but I know it´s close.

We had one investigator in the church this Sunday. Juana is a retired nurse who has an adopted son 19 years old. She´s really interested in learning more about the church, and wants to continue learning. She always does what she says she´ll do, which is awesome in contrary to the people we were working with before.

My companion, Hermana Richardson is awesome. She´s from Colorado Springs and we´re great buddies already, probably because she was companions with Hermana Nuñez(Argentinan) before and they were great buddies… so why not! She´s been having a hard time sleeping at night, so if anyone has any suggestions minus sleeping pills or benadryl, go for it.

San Pedro is more like an American suburb than Hualpen was. Which means… it´s a quica area. These people are pretty rich. They have cars and nannys… Cars having been very rare in my other area and nannys non-existant. We actually talk alot with people who just work here as nannys.

But, yeah, life is good.

The church is true.

If you don´t know, or just want to learn more, I encourage you all to read Our Search for Happiness by Melvin H. Ballard. It´s a very informative book about the church I just finished.

Don´t stop believing.

-Hermana Amy Dianne Loveless

(Photos: One with me, Hna Richardson, and Hna Nuñez, and another today with Hna Cruz(Peru), who came to the mission at the same time as me, Hna Richardson, and Hermana Mihzray(Colombia). Enjoy.)