Monday, May 25, 2009

The Rains Came Down!

How are all of you? We
are well and happy! We are hoping
that our package will arrive before
her zone conference!!! We are also
thinking that she may not get it for
another 4 weeks(because of not
seeing her mission president until
then. They only get their mail when
they have mission or zone conferences
(this is what I understand). So, happy
memorial day. We are so grateful for
those who have served and returned,
those who served and died and even
now, grateful for those who serve to protect our precious freedom and help others gain the
same. Thanks to my dad and uncles(Oris and Butch), my Uncle Phil, and to our Krystie's hubby,
our friends Matt, David, Ryan and I am sure there are others...I know that there are others on
the Loveless side. Thank you. We pray for you. We(I) also always remember our other loved
ones who have passed out of this life. God bless you all! We miss you so much.
Michelle and I are VERY anxious to have school end. In all actuality, no one is really learning much but, we must attend school for 4 more days. Then, we shall say...Huzzah!! Hip..hip Hurrah!!!!We pray that all of you are well and know that we love and think of you often!Mike and Karen and family!
Hola, Mamita lindita! (Y mas!)
Yes, we have a lot of good days here in the mission. Sure, it´s not always the spiritual high that people think it is, but the work is hard and the life is good. More than anything else, I´m learning more about God´s children. That includes myself. We teach so many people each day, and yet so many others that just shake their finger at us through the window at us. But I know that God is preparing people to listen, and more than that, that the people of this congregation need us. That´s an interesting tidbit I never knew about the mission before. And this might help answer Uncle Phil´s question too. As missionaries, we aren´t only here to help people come unto Christ who aren´t members of our faith, but also to help encourage those who are part of it to strengthen their relationship with their heavenly father and endure to the end.
Happy Memorial day! Here in Chile they just had a day off, too. It was something like Memorial Day, really. There was a war between Chile and Peru some hundred years ago or something and they celebrate the 21 of May for the day they won the Huascar from Peru. That´s the ship we went to a few weeks ago. Vamos, ¡Chile!
Lol. Yeah, Mom. I´ve already had a lot of Best Two Years moments... that in the end didn´t work out quite as excellently as in the movie, but I´m still praying and working towards one just as awesome.
Yeah, the other day actually we did a contact in English. This tipsy young man came out to meet us at his front gate and when we said, "Hola," He said, "Oh. You guys speak English. I can speak English if you want to." It was weird. And cool. Only he isn´t American, but he´s worked in the US before. A lot of Chileans seem to go to the states for work occasionally. I guess they must make enough in five months working all day and night that the plane trip to and from is nothing compared to the money they make. It´s odd.
Juanita and Pablo her son came to church this week, along with Carlos, a long time investigator, and the father of a member who is not a member himself. That was nice.
Quica is a chilean word that, yes, means rich. Jejeje. Not all of them are all that rich, though there is a family in our ward that has a huge painting of their daughters on their living room wall. It´s all impressionistic and quite pretty. I like it.
I´m glad you guys got my letters, and I´d like to thank Becky, Bryan, and Kate for their ginormous envelope of photos and love. It made me happy. :D I´m glad you guys went to Disneyland and In-N-Out and such. And I´m glad school´s out. :D
Happy Grandma day to Auntie Theresa, and Happy Dad day to Marcus!!!!!!!!!!Congrats to everyone in my family all having children--- wow! Marcus, Amanda, new cousins and second cousins everywhere! Sweet! And Congrats Megan for the big news!!!
And... so... someone Krystie knows is coming to my mission... as well as someone Aunty Ceesa knows? Wow. Cool beans. My mission pretty much rocks. I know. Haha.
This week we have Zone Conference, so I´ll get the package if it´s here yet... as well as any letters anyone´s sent recently. I love getting packages and letters!
PHOTOS FOR THE DAY!334 is a picture of me on my bed with the awesome blanket from the formerly Bell Apartment gang. and 220 is a photo from the Huascar that I´m not sure if I´ve sent yet and that reminds me of what it was like trying to hear my family when they called last week. (WHAT?! Can you hear me now? :D)
Love you all.
Keep the Faith.
Don´t stop Believing.
And don´t stop sending the love. :D
Con Amor,
Hermana Sin Amor.