Monday, June 01, 2009

Chiflon del Diablo

Hello to everyone!
We are out of school! Michelle and I are for now. Today, we finally got our tomato plants planted into our garden. The seeds I planted in egg cartons are doing fairly well although the pill bugs are trying to eat them. I put stuff to get rid of the bugs. So, my car is clean for the first time in a very long time...and it will be going to California on Wednesday. Cheryl, Ryan, Ashby, Ken, Preston and Alisha are going to California to see Jordan(Ryan and Preston's brother/Ken's son) graduate from High school. They are using our car. We are using Ken's truck...thanks!
So, we are hoping all of you are doing well and know that we think of your often and are happy to hear about what you are doing. I think that I may get my yard looking as happy as I want it to look. Also my house!!! YAY!
Have a wonderful week and know that we love your support of our hermana/misionera.
Love and blessings to all of you!
Mike and Karen Loveless :D

Hola, Familiares!

So today we are in Lota... which is... somewhere about an hour away from my area in a bus. We came here to tour an old mine. It´s called chiflon del Diablo, and it was pretty wickedly awesome. And when I say wicked, I mean really really awesomely awesome. Not Wicked in the ruby slippers witch of the east sort of sense.

YAH. Photos. First one is an adorable rendition of Hermana Richardson and I sporting our miner gear, and the second is at our Zone Meeting... and I look quite ugly, but that´s beyond the point. It´s basically so you can see the mix of Gringos versus Latinos here in the mission. There´s a total of five white girls and I´ve got one of them as my companion. There are more Elders that are gringos, but that´s because there´re more Elders in general.

Life is good, because not only do we have the aid of two ward missionaries, but we also had a Family home Evening at the ward and watched The Testaments of One Fold and one Shepherd, had a Zone conference with Elder Corbridge of the Seventy presiding, and a baptism date for Carlos.

...What? Did I say BAPTISM? Yessir, I did. Carlos is the boyfriend of Romina who is a member, and her mother Ingrid cooks us delicious food every saturday for lunch and at all the major mission activities here in the North sector because she works in the Mission Home. Tonight we are going to have another Family Home Evening at the Mission Home with Carlos to make sure to teach him well what he already knows is true. :D! Yay!

Baptism is the gate to the path to eternal life. Look up Juan... er... John 3:5 I think? My brain cot confused by the translation process. But just because you´re baptized doesn´t do anything to guarantee you eternal life. What´s even more important is what happens after baptism. Enduring to the end. See Revelations 1 or 2, I think. As well as many excellent ones in the Book of Mormon.

I found out at our Zone Conference with Elder Corbridge that 9 of 10 Chilean Mormons are not active in the church. So yes, the work is different here. But I love it. And I wouldn´t trade it any day for something else. I´m learning so much each day.

Thanks for all your prayers, love, and letters.I should get the package this Wednesday, Mom. We have interviews then. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHBY SOON!!!!! (3 years! Weird!)
AND MELANIE LATER!!! (21! And China soon!)
((Cards will be in the mail soon. And one for Sunshine when I find it. Hope she´s working at camp again. If not... someone get it to her?))AND anyone else I managed to forget!:D

Keep Believing. Read the scriptures. Write what you know. Learn. Apply. Progress. Repeat.

Love your friend and daughter,
Hermana Amy Dianne Loveless