Monday, June 08, 2009

The Lord's Hand is in all things

Hola a todos!
It sounds like our favorite hermana has had a pretty awesome week! Packages, letters, announcements, etc.
Also, she is going to have a new companion. Hopefully, the Lord will bless all of these sisters! I know that we will see the Lord's hand in all of these changes. I hope that all of you are well and happy! I am really excited because for Mother's day, Mike built me a garden box.(It was extremely necessary because the top of our garden plot was 20" lower than the top. So, while he was building and preparing the box, I planted seeds in egg cartons. Today, we finished replanting. My peas are about 5-7". Most of the other things are very small but, it is very exciting because most of the other years, most of my seeds/plants must have washed down the hill. We have lettuce, broccoli, carrots, squash, tomatoes(they were established plants) and a few other things. I may even try to plant corn again. Anyway, I am really enjoying my time out of school and I love that we are actually taking all of the weeds done. I hope and pray that all of you are well. I am grateful for the weekly reminders from Hermana Loveless to Choose the Right!
Love and best wishes to all,
La mama y la papa :D


Yes!! Package recieved! And I love the shirts! And chocolates! And photos on my other memory card! Sounds like the Chilean winter went to Utah. 36 hours of RAIN? What kind of Utah Summer is this? Well, I guess it´s still springish. But camp started this week, so... I pity those campers. Thanks for all the mail! This week I got letters from a lot of people... and it included a wedding invitation to the DANI and KELLY WEDDING! Eek! So cute! They´re all married and stuff! Que felíz

Carlos´date for baptism is Thursday the 18th. He´s still gung-ho and all that. This kid waited quite a while before finally making the commitment, which makes us pretty sure he´s not going to change his mind.

This weekend was pretty exciting. Saturday night we got a call from the Assistants to the Mission President. Apparently, the president decided to have an early transfer with a lot of the sisters. Hermana Richardson is going to Nacimiento, a little town somewhere in the Campo(Country), and Hermana Holt is going to goin me in San Pedro on Tuesday. :) There are mixed feelings here, because we´re all mostly confused, but I´ve always heard good things of Hermana Holt, and I´m excited to meet her. Hermana Richardson still has 9 more months of her mission, so it´s rather likely that we can be companions again. But we´ll see.

Sunday was testimony meeting, which means all the members of the ward can get up and share their feelings towards Christ and the Gospel. One member of our Ward is Schitzoprenic and seems to have forgotten to take his medicine, because he got up there and started preaching hellfire and damnation like the Jeremiad preachers of the eighteenth century. It was a little awkward until the Bishop´s counselor passed him a note and he threw it and stomped out of the chapel. And then about five priesthood holders got up and bore their strong testimonies.

Yay for Ashby´s birthday party and Cherry Hill and the greatest funspot you´ll ever know!I´m glad that everything´s going well at home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHBY! Tomorrow you´re three!! And there´s a card in the mail just for you! Wish I´d known about the flower theme... oh well!

I actually have no idea what chifflon means. It must be some name for wind or cave or mine, because yes, it is a mine. I left that out, didn´t I?

I´m almost out of time and I still want to add pictures and I need to write the president.

Love you all! Keep the Faith! Don´t stop Believing.
-Hna Amy Loveless

Photos- Hna Nuñez visited for a mini-transfer. She was here for one day and a night. So we took a photo or two. And one is of all the sisters in my Zone at Interviews.

****PS- I don´t know what I´d rather, Mamasita. I have a little American flag... We´ll probably say the pledge of allegance and wave it around on the fourth... but probably money is better/cheaper for you. I can buy a new scarf! It´s cold. Brr.