Monday, June 15, 2009

Here comes that rainy day feelin' again

Hola a todos! Hello everybody!!!
I am sorry that I didn't get this sent off yesterday. I am trying to get myself into gear! We are driving down to Cherry Hill(a campground/water park) to take Ashby for her first trip ever!!! For our kids...this is big! We went the first time when Cheryl was younger than Ashby. Then, every vacation trip that took us through Northern Utah...we stopped another time! This will be our first trip since we moved to Utah. So, we are excited and have lots to do BEFORE we leave.
So, we are trying to dry out from the humongous amount of rain that we have had in the last few weeks! Today, there is sun....again! Thank you Lord. It is hard because, I know that the farmers need rain but, it was getting depressing. We are supposed to get some more this week. However, we are going to move forward and go right ahead with our Cherry Hill plans!
Amy's message is short but, full of love and the spirit!
Love and sunny smiles!
The mama and the papa :D

Mom... If you could send me any scarf, I would DIE for a rainbow one. But I actually bought two scarves in the last week, and one was light blue and the other purple and green... therefore, I´d say a good choice would be a light froggish green, violet, or RAINBOW. But it´s cool. Rainbow I probably wouldn´t be able to wear very often, but it would still be AWESOME. I actually really need thick tights, but I´m pretty sure I can buy them here. And more sweaters, but those are also a better buy here I think...
... Moving on.
So Hermana Holt is like a mixture of K´Leena Murphy and Rachel Buswell... which if you know either of those people, you know she comes out as AWESOME. Plus, she´s a little different than both of them which makes it so I´m not completely weirded out by the awesome combination. We´re great friends already, and we are ready and excited for a great time here in San Pedro. We´ve already found some promising people, ready to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and change their lives! Some people get scared of change, but... as the Beatles once sang, "It´s getting better all the time!" And that kind of change is always good, right? Right.
I got the shirt to Hna Nuñez, whose actually sitting next to me currently. It´s great, we always run into other missionaries downtown.
This week is going to be awesome. Thursday at about 8, Carlos is getting baptized, and then Friday night we´re having a joint fireside with the other mission to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk! YAY!
I think today´s kinda short, but know I´m happy and progressing and that God ALWAYS answers prayers. Sometimes we just aren´t listening or looking in the right places.
Keep on Believing.
Love you all.
Melanie and Dani and Cheryl are getting letters soon. :D
AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I find another wall painted to say Feliz Dia, Papa, I´ll get a photo taken.
This week you get to see me and Hna Holt Rockin out.
Hna Loveless