Monday, August 31, 2009

Dad is in So. Cal

So, Helloooooooooooo Everybody(think Grover)
Here is another week of e-mails from our favorite, & only, Hermana Loveless! She is doing very well! I think that we are all going to need to send some pictures. Maybe, she will get the idea that we haven't seen her new companion...I think. I hope that all of you are well. I include my dear hubby, as he is in Palmdale, Ca. He won't return until Friday. He left Utah yesterday afternoon. Our new granddaughter is due to be born on Sunday. Her nana(her dad-Ryan's mom) is coming to Utah on Friday. Soooooooooooo, hopefully, we will have fun news and details of our new family addition.
Have fun and work hard!!!
Love & prayers to all of you!
Karen(the mama) :D

Yay! Yeah, we went really early to check e-mails and then spent too much time doing other stuff to come back and finish, so... sorry! The baptism went well! The spirit was so strong that there were many wet eyes and even Evelyn cried a bit, she was so excited to finally be baptized! Matias was also baptized, of course! I would send photos, but p-day is officially over and I gotta go.

Working on letters for Mel and Becky... but I seem to still not have Mel´s China adress. Gonna ask for permish to write her e-mails... we´ll see.

Made a card for new baby-Ryan birthday too, but forgot to go by the post office.

Also, thumb drives exist here, but they´re like 20 bucks for 4 gigs... is that normal? Because if so, I can buy it myself.

miedo means fear. Get rid of it. :D


-Hermana Loveless.

PS Sept 18 is Chilean independence day and I want to buy a traditional dress, but they cost about $45... what is your opinion on the matter?