Monday, August 24, 2009

Money Business

Hello everybody!!!
So, another Monday has come and will go very soon! I will apologize to all of you for her business part of the letter. I do now remember that we sent her new ATM card in her package. It didn't even occur to me that we needed to activate it when the package arrived. Oh well, it is done now and she will be back in business.
So, I hope that each of you are well and working hard! I know that most of the colleges have started their fall semester.(around here, anyway) The best of luck( really hard). Michelle and I both went back to school. The kid's first day was today and our group had a pretty good day!
I have stopped my paper route and Stacy is now the carrier! Yay, for both of us!(obviously, for different reasons!)
Have a blessed week!
Mike and Karen :D

Dear People of Awesomeness- Note to all: Sorry for the relative boringness of this letter. I didn´t eat anything weird this week, and I haven´t written anyone in several weeks, so I´m being lame. Next week there will be letters. And excitement. No worries. So, first of all, Mom, Hope you get all my debit card stuff figured out. I sent the mail real vague-like, and I appologize, but It´d be really cool to be able to know all that stuff... hope my email made enough sense. Basically I bought a new skirt for about ten bucks to replace the brown skirt I´ve had for ages because there was this big sale of long skirts and I know it´ll be really hard to find one in summer... haha. So I tried to use my new debit card but the ATM always denies me. I dunno if it has a new PIN or what, but it´s denying me and junk and I just wanted breakfast for the week. ;) But don´t worry, I´ll live. Mom says: A Mexican with gastritus? Is that possible? Don't they go from milk to salsa? Amy answers: Basically. And that´s why she has it. Too much salsa in a growing stomach doesn´t do a body good. Mom says: Mackenzie Romero had been a TX reporter for the Standard Ex and had done some study about college students and newspapers. Anyway, the editor wrote that she would be gone for a year and a half serving a mission in Guatemala(I think). Hermana Loveless: Yay! Becky told me that she was turning her papers in, but I didn´t know where yet because I haven´t written her back yet. (oops) Mom says: Do you want a birthday package OR would you like me to see what your siblings can afford and then, I could make a deposit into your account. Let me know. I figure that I should get working on that soon as your birthday will be in about 2 months. Wow! Um... Um... um... I dunno. Packages are real expensive. But real fun. But... money in my account would probably be more useful. I want to start cashing away to buy you all awesome souvenirs when I go home. I already have ideas for most of the family. And though birthday money should be used for birthday things, I definately know I probably won´t have much money left over for souvenirs in 9 months. Photos would be highly appreciated. Tell Michelle she can totally send me photos, and other people as well. Love photos. I´d especially love to see baby London with Ashby photos when the day rolls around. EEK! NIECES! I can´t believe it´ll be cold there soon. I´m still looking forward to warmth! And As to coming to pick me up, I agree. We´ll have to make a family trip to Chile when we´re all several times richer. And when I have a car. lol. Mom: So, did your investigator(Evelyn) tell her father yet? Is she really mad at him? Amy: She did tell her dad. He pretty much freaked out. Ooops. LOVE YOU ALL. Photos! Next week. Sorry again. :( -Hermana Amy Loveless. Sin miedo. Con Amor.