Monday, August 17, 2009

Eating Horse Meat

Hello everybody!!!
It sounds like Amy & Mike and Hermana Cuellar are doing very well! We have had a great week. Lots of parties AND we got to spend some time with our cute Great-niece, Natalie Waldron. Cheryl is due on Sept 6th so, we had a shower at one of her neighbor's homes today. We hope that all of you are well and are keeping our cute great nephew, Derek Sheldon, in our prayers as he is having surgery on his tear duct on Wednesday.
Lots of love and smiles,
Karen & Mike :D

So, first off, I need to put it in the record books... I ate horse meat last Saturday. It´s actually relatively normal here, but more like a delicacy because it´s more expensive than steak. So our investigator, Evelyn, was all sorts of excited to cook some up for us. I couldn´t say no, mostly because I´d never tried it, but... it made me feel a little sick just thinking about eating my favorite animal. But, um... I did it. And I didn´t throw up.. and it pretty much just tastes like steak, just like Dad always told me. So... I´m trying to follow dad´s mission footsteps and such. All that´s left now is to condemn some catholic priest in joke format, and I´m good, minus the french. Though I HAVE spoken in French here. People find out I know it and want to practice with me... but truth be told, it was the worst french I´ve ever spoken.

Yaaaay, Family Reunion!! I´m so excited to hear about all the places you guys are looking at for next year. It makes me feel a bit pleasantly trunky to think about going home to 100 degree Loveless Family Reunion Waterfight LOVE. But don´t worry, I´m so focused. Except the other night I dreamed you guys came to visit me. Ashby and everything! It was weird. So... It didn´t actually make me trunky. Just weird. Lol.


!!! So, are the tacos that you made last week like the tacos that we make??? or the ones at the little stands??? OR ??????

Hna Cuéllar tacos are mexican. And, really, Mom, I don´t know if I´ve tried taco stand tacos. :-O But it was meat with lots of seasoning, refried beans, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, and... I think that´s it. She said it´s not real common to put lettuce in. And she can´t eat hot stuff ´cause she´s got gastritus, therefore we didn´t make salsa. But it was good.

So, can you tell me more about Temuco/??? I like the idea of rolling Irish hills and cool distant volcanoes(like Shasta & Mt St. Helens???). Oh, is it a big city, or more like a town??? I am imagining a kind of neat place.

It is SO picturesque, Mom! I just don´t have any nice photos yet because I don´t really feel comfortable stopping proselyting just to take a photo. Especially when there are people all around. But yes, the volcanoes do look a lot like Mt Shasta or St Helens. The only snow I see is there. But I´ve heard that the snow isn´t too far away, cause we´re closer to the mountains. Temuco itself is pretty big. Not as big as concepcion, but still... like Ogdenish sized. The rest is residential, but... I still haven´t sent you a photo of a typical residential area in Chile, so you probably have no idea what that looks like. ...Nothing like North Ogden. Lol.

Can you tell me a little more about your companion and your area that you are working in???????????

Hna Cuellar is from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico... which is right next to Laredo, Texas. She says they do almost all their shopping at Sam´s Club and the mall just accross the border because they have visas that allow them to visit the states for as long as two days at a time. Her brother is an official US Citizen and lives in Dallas with his American wife. :D

***Have you gotten your package yet???

YES. And a letter from Melanie my Love Smith and Jason my brother Loveless and more. I am currently wearing Stacy´s handiwork, as is Hna Cuellar. And I wear my patriotic socks to bed every night to keep my feet warm and comfy when they lack Lacy Kitty warmth. :D THANK YOU, Mommy and Stacy and Michelley!

And... LOL... Mom, Jesús es el Señor had us all laughing. The Assistant told me he laughed for like an hour when he saw my package. It´s awesome because it´s true! (and plus it just sounds very Evangelical. Which probably made it better.)

Well... Evelyn was going to get baptized this coming Saturday, but she didn´t come to church this Sunday. She is so excited for her baptism and to tell her Evangelical Pastor father... Not exactly sure about why, but he hates mormons and she´s really excited to tell him. Lol. But anyhow, she´ll for sure get baptized the 29th. She´s awesome, as is her son Matias.

What else? Oh. OCHO MESES!?! WHAT?! Today I finished my eighth month in the mission. Weird. Next month I´ll be halfway done...


Read Alma 32. Again. And have a pen and paper nearby, cause it´s deep stuff. And then read Romans 8. ... Not related at all, but also awesome. And James 2. Oh, wait... just read one of them. LOL. But they´re all great.

OH NO!!! :( This computer isn´t friends with my camera. Everyonce and awhile that happens. But you´ll get some next week. Promise.

...Everytime a horse and buggy trot by(They sell veggies and stuff from those here) I feel bad. Lol. I knew it.

Love you all... :D And... can you ask Melanie to send me her address in China and Monica and Mark´s address? She can send it directly to my e-mail. :D

With love,
-Sister Amylu Loveless

PS-We´re having Sister´s Conference the weekend Cheryl´s supposed to have her baby, so... You guys should call the mission home, cause I might be there. >.> <.<