Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chilean like porotos

Hola a todos!
We had a rather interesting week, as well. We(Mike, Karen, Cheryl, Ryan, Ashby and Stacy with some of Jared and Michelle) went camping and scouting for possible reunion sites for the Loveless reunion that will be held next July. We also had some fun on the Bishop's part-time fishing boat. We camped at Strawberry Reservoir and it was beautiful!
Anyways, we(Karen & Michelle & Jared& Jason) will be starting school in 13 days. I actually have to go back to help my teacher, in 8 days. So, apparently, Summer is coming to an end...
We hope and pray that all of you are well and happy!
Mike and Karen :D

Hola, Mamita y mas!

This week has been super crazy. Hna Cuellar and I made tacos with some members
today, which has made us unfortunately tardy from P-day... sooooo....
I'm gonna have to leave you guys hanging a bit. However, know that
I am happy and safe and that we're teaching a lot of really good people.
I Love Temuco.

The landscape is very different. Think rolling ireland hills with Andes vol-
canoes within sight... though quite far... And with ghetto Chilean houses
in the meantime. I say ghetto because it would be ghetto there, but... the
fact is that they're quite normal.

I'm way excited that we're in charge of the next fam reunion!! And
I should get home right in time! Yay! Chilenos bake... but mostly fry.
Most sweet things are a form of fried bread. There are also cakes... but
.. homebaked cookies don't exist.

Chilean ahad is like taco bell hot sauce... but better.

Love you all. Cuidense muchisimo.
I have a card for Jared and Stacy's HAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! But I forgot to
send it today.
Amy :S

Chao. Photos next week.


Hope Mueller said...

alright, new posts. It is good to know that Amy is doing well in her mission!