Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nine months and a couple days ago...

ello again!

Our favorite hermana has written us, again. As always, we are happy to hear from her.
In case you haven't heard...Baby London Mae, was born on Wednesday, September 16th at 8:29 PM in Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.(where her dad and two uncles were all born) She is beautiful...she kind of reminds me of her aunt Amy, when she was a baby.
So, we are glad that Amy has her camera but, we wish that she would give it a good talking to so that it would work right!
It sounds like she and Herrmana Maas are doing well. They are certainly cleaning a lot AND, having interesting conversations!
I hope you are all well and enjoying your fall weather. I love this time of year! I love sunshine and pleasant days!
Take care! Oh, and do what she says.
La mama y papa :D

I was eating Lasagna with my family, or quite possibly running in to that first missionary moment in the MTC. So touching! And now I´m here in Padre las Casas with no wallet and a Camera that keeps erasing my photos. YES! Really, though, Me an Hermana Mandy Maas are cheerfully Gringa and attracting a lot of attention with her 5´9 stature, blond hair and brilliantly blue eyes. ...plus my not black hair and blue eyes helps too.

We are rockin´this town... or at least, we will be.

Last week I got a cold, and we spent a LOT of time cleaning house. I knew the house here was pretty bad, but was overall overwhelmed by the mess when I got there, and generally tried not to contribute to it or anger my almost as easily upset as to laugh Mexicana compaƱera. Haha... But Hnita Maas would just not put up with it, so we spent a lot of last week cleaning the walls with bleach solution and killing the ants. ... That really does sound horrible now, but it really is a cute little tiny house! ...Now. Haha!

Yes, well... with that, and the 18th of September and lots of drunk people and such, we pretty much did the work in a much more subdued form. We still had Adriana in Church sunday, and we still talked to a good ten drunks... Funny, weird, and harmless drunks with the help of a very watchful heavenly Father. One guy would like pause when we´d ask him questions and stare off into the sky for a minute and ask questions to either God or his dead ancestors or both...

Hna Maas: What was your name?
Guy: Hold on... (stares intently at the clouds for about 2 minutes) Okay, He told me I could tell you. My name is Marcos. Do you know what Marcos means?
Both of us: No...
Me: But he´s an apostle!
Marcos: It means Roman.

...And so forth. We really enjoyed that, though he talked for far too long and never let us really get an edge in. He also told me I´d be a Pastor one day, and that Hna Maas would have very pretty children one day.

...Anyhow. My camera is found, but again the computer refuses to read it. Seems to think it´s some kind of virus. Aaand... my wallet is still missing, but it only had my Chilean ID card and my Debit and mission credit card, plus about ten bucks in it, so I´m good. Sort of. Can´t buy my Traditional Chilean Dress until I have money again, though. :/

Mom question time!

So, tell me(us) about Hermana Maas. Where is she from? Colorado!

Convert or BIC? Hermana Maas´s parents both served missions. Her mom in Germany and her Dad in ... PAraguay? I think. Her Dad went to Bonneville High.

Number of siblings? 3. one sister and two brothers. She´s number 2.

Hobbies? ...UUuuumm.... laughing? At me? And cleaning house. And killing ants. And listening to music.

Yup. Stuff like that.

etc? She´s fun. I like her. :D

Otherwise... congrats to Michelle on Homecoming with random South Korean exchange students... and tell her to give Elder Beck his home address so he can start knockin on his parent´s doors. ;)

Love you all. So excited for this cambio. Miracles will happen. If only we believe. Take care and take lots of pictures with baby London.

Keep the Faith.
Don´t stop Believing.
-Hermana Amy D. Loveless