Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yay Hermanas! Yay Conference!

Yay Hermanas Conference!

Soooo... today I am doing my internet in a little town on the otherside of Temuco called Fundo el Carmen with my new companion, and "blood sister" Hermana Miranda Maas. Hermana Maas was also trained by my trainer/Mother Hermana Nuñez, and she´s also a gringa so we´re pretty darn excited. We´re gonna get all started at for 6 weeks or so... because she is blonde as they come, and doubles it with a blue eye combo for a Chileno noticing factor of approximately 99.8%. Mix that in with my brown hair and blue eyes and we´re pretty much a magnet for stalkers. YES. I am so excited. But don´t worry, when you´re in the Lord´s work, the Angels really do protect you and the stalkers are usually harmless. Just annoying. Luckily in Padre las Casas, there are more people with German and other European blood, so our whiteness doesn´t catch as much attention as it would have in Hualpen.

Hermanas Conference was great. I took pictures with all my companions, minus my mommy who has been home in Santiago long enough that she´s now got a job, a calling in the church, and, quite possibly, a boyfriend. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my wallet, my camera, or both. :\ Hopefully in the Mission Home. Sigh.

But it really was great! I got letters from Brian, Sam, Becky, Mom, and Rob! Yay! It made me very happy. And we talked about lots of struggles we have and how we can apply what we already know and teach our investigators to help us. (duh) But that´s basically what every conference in the church is about. Applying what we already know.

We all slept over at the mission home which was fun and also a bit rule-bending since we all were up past 11, our scheduled bedtime. But it was great. Like old times. We ate yummy chicken and lots of fruit, which made me happy, and took lots of pictures... which is now strangely depressing, since I`m not sure where my camera is. :( Activities? We played a fun getting to know each other game where we all told Hermana Swenson stuff that not many people know about us and then we all got copies and had to figure out who was who. Only hermana Holt remembered that I was almost a twin. Thanks, Mom, for that one. I always use it in games like that. Yes!

So, Baby Bishop is still not born?! I´m not gonna lie. I´m a little bit upset. Silly little London! But that´s okay. That just means she´ll be even younger, cuter, and more impressionable to love me when I get back. YES!

Oh! I can really get a dress made?! Oh no! It´s a bit late now, but there are still some places I can get it done. Hna Holt has one and it´s TOTALLY ADORABLY purple and green. And it made me real jealous, no lies. Sooo... Sweet! Unfortunately... my wallet missing thing DOES seem to be a problem. Uh. Oh. Suppose I can still have one made for me when I find it, it´ll just be late for the Ward Party.

No... I have not lost weight. :\ I have gained. But I´m doing my morning excercises... most days. 130 crunches every morning and some other aerobic activity is pretty good, isn´t it? Plus walking up and down the hills of Padre might help. I just... don´t send you pictures where I look fat. That´s the beatiful thing about digital. Mwahaha. But, um... yeah. not telling you how much I´ve gained. We´ll just keep you on your toes. I´d like to know about the thumbdrive soon, because I´m pretty sure all the photos randomly erased themselves again. :( But wait... you didn´t get photos last week? That´s lame.

I did print some out first though. Maybe I´ll mail one home.

I think that´s about it. I´m still working in Padre, just helping Hna Maas pack up in her old sector before we go back. Hna Mexicana Cuellar is now in Villa Acero, the ward neighboring my first ward in Cerro Verde. Other than that--- life is good. The Work goes forward.

Love you all. I´m having P-day on either Friday or Saturday to avoid drunken Chilenos celebrating independence day. Lol. But internets will be closed, so I´ll still write monday.


Hermana Amy Loveless