Tuesday, September 08, 2009

¡Fiesta on the way!

So, she fibbed a bit...or things changed, as they often do! I don't have much time...got to get ready for work.
Still, no baby London. She will come when she and her mom are ready! I hope that all of you are well and know that I love how all of you are supporting our favorite hermana! Have an awesome week! Serve God and Be Happy!
Love and Hugs,
La mama y el papa :D

So the weekly report of the Amyable news are as follows:

I am generally sorry for the sudden drop in letter-writing from yours truly, but I amyably wrote two happy marriage days and many birthday cards in the last few months, plus struggled to reply to your happy letters. But you are not forgotten. Wrote Melanie a letter today, but I don´t have her China address... and I still have Monica St... Broadhead´s happy Wedding Day card waiting for an address... so, in case anyone knows where she´s at or at least her parent´s address, you are all SO in need to send it to me.

Matias and Evelyn are so happy. They´re about to move out of the ward, but they´re gonna keep coming here even though we think they should go to the ward closer. It´s easier for them to come here because the buses pass by here more often. MAtias came to Stake Conference yesterday wearing the "Called to Serve" tie we randomly found him in a thrift store, and his mom in a skirt. So cute! The photos are from their baptism... though in all of them, Evelyn looks a little funny... and I don´t look much better. Elder Bartel took better photos, but I don´t have his camera. Oops.

Oh... as to the title, we´re fast approaching two very important days. 1. My 9-month mark.


9 months is traditionally the half-way mark for a sister missionary, but seeing as my mission will be 19 months, I´m good for another half a month. lol. BUT... it is still weird and slightly frightening and still very happy to know that I´ve served a good 9 months... but there´ll be an even better 10 more!!

2. 18th of September, the Chilean independence day and lots of empanadas and pretty traditional dress and the like. I think I´m going to buy Ashby and London small dresses, because in the end the two smaller ones will both be cheaper than a large one for myself. :( They´re quite pretty.

So... life is good here in Temuco. I have yet to take a good landscape shot for you, Mom and friends, but I´ll get one. I´ve got to.

Thanks for the letters and the love and the prayers. I know I´m in them, and I only hope I can keep true to them. Got letters from Dad, Michelle, Elder Zelenski and Janet this week. --And I´m still getting Elder Sly´s weekly report. His mom sent me one too.

Hope you´re all doing well. Cuidense.

Con Amor,

Hermana Loveless
O´Higgins 940 Oficina 503

2 Nephi 7:7-11 FOR DACIA :D

Mommy, several people (Melanie, Mom Sly, and probably someone else I can´t remember... oops) Have all asked me to thank you for sending my amyable news cada semana. Asi que, esta bien tu trabajo.

Random Spanish cut.