Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little me.

Hey, people... so, Cheryl's been screaming for a blog post for awhile now, so I decided to post some random poetry. Hmmn...

Poetry for me is strange. Sometimes I just have lots of feelings pent up inside, and I don't even know how to express myself... so I put random words together and make it feel right.... and then I have a poem.

I'm not very good at it.... and if you asked me what all that meant, I couldn't tell you. But it felt free to get it out. My original inspiration? The noise... well, silent hum, of the library. It's been engrossing to me lately. I revel in it. I feel magical in it. I shelve books in it as if I were some magical fairy, flitting from shelf to shelf.

...And then someone interrupts my revelry, and I'm forced to conform to the normality of an academic library.

Yet, once they're gone, I am free to revel once more. And imagine. And be someone I may not be.

But I love it.

And I never want it to stop.



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