Wednesday, February 02, 2011

First Day of my Life

There was a time on my mission when I made up songs in the shower. XD A lot of them had a sort of Ingrid Michaelson-ish beat. My companions thought I was singing "worldly" songs, but really I was making up songs about missionary work. This is the only one I wrote down, though it was probably later, because it made more sense in the shower, I know. Haha. Anyhow, It's called, First Day of my Life. By the way, it was probably just after the earthquake and just before my last transfer. :) Thus the foreboding plane and future life. Haha. And slight trunkiness.

6 o' clock. Wake up,
to put on your makeup.
Sit up, scan the scene
to remember where you've been.

Today you'll start a new life
The kind of made-a-promise life
Gonna be a great life!
Talk to His children life!

Day one, Week three.
Changes. Cry time.
Lift your eyes to heaven
to remember time!

Today you're in a new life,
Serving others for their good life.
Fall in. Leap out.
Following the best life.

Making changes, all sorts of re-arranges.
I just hope you make it a good one
Won't always be there to help you,
because I've got other promises to keep.

One and a half or two years,
hope not to get on the plane years.
...because then you're gonna wake up
just to get your makeup,
start another new life.

No one else has changed life.
Graduate from school life,
Make another great life.
Write another card life.

Lift-them-up-with cheer life,
kiss your mom and cherish life.
Family type.

Hope you don't ruin it.
This'll be my 3rd life,
not that type of feline
that wastes the other 6 lives.

It's gonna be a good one!
Gonna make a promise one!
This time I'll kiss you,
made it past the "miss you!"

Gonna be a good life,
guess I'll make a good wife.
Make it to the best day
In the first day of my life.


une américaine said...

That's a good song! It's also soooooo true. :D

-Laura/Klinnia/k-chan ;)

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