Thursday, September 11, 2008

So, erm... Michelle and I have 2 fancy rats. Hers is a hooded blue, and mine is a hooded... well... peach-ish? Lol. I'm not a rat expert. I love our rats, though... and lately I've decided that the cage they have is far too small. (And it really is. It's probably BARELY big enough, in all reality, for a single rat... which would be a sad rattie, indeed.)

Anyhow, so I've been looking online and at our local Petco(because it put our local petshop, Noah's Pets, out of business) for quite some time now in order to find them a bigger, wired cage. I just find that they like the wires to climb on and that they smell less with some more air moving around in there. Lol.

I've been waiting for this one at Petco to go on sale, and the other day I decided to look on their website... and it was on sale for 73-ish dollars. Normally, it's about 99. So I got all excited, but my computer froze up, and then I saw that the sale was closing ON THAT DAY.... and my computer's clock said 12:03. So I didn't buy it. I did, however, discover that Petsmart(which is past the other nearest Petco) had a far greater variety of rat cages, but that they were all in that same $99 bracket.

Today I thought I was supposed to substitute in a 1st grade class just off the same major road as Petsmart. It was kinda killing me to be so close and not to go... and then I got lost on my way to the school... and I balled to my mother over the phone... and finally got to the school 5 minutes after the children to discover I'm not subbing until TOMORROW. My chance was clear! I headed to petsmart--- and that was nostalgic. I used to volunteer with the adoption agency that used to be there....

Anyhow... I found a cage there for 54 dollars! And it seems to be the very same cage(but in purple and white instead of black) that they were trying to sell me for $99 at Petco! Moral of the story: Petsmart is better. I always knew it, but I wasn't sure why.

So... in short... the ratties are LOVING their new home. It's so much more spacious! And I bought them a little cloth tube to sleep in... It's really for ferrets, but they love it.

I am happy.

I can't WAIT until Michelle gets home.

...and I LOVE Kitkats with carmel in them. Random, but true.


Rebecca and Bradley said...

Hooray! Fifty-four dollars for a wired rat cage is a great deal. I'm happy for you and your rats. :)