Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hello Family! First off, my lack of math skillz was caught YET AGAIN by my mother: 2-How many siblings does she have? 3. Two bros, 3 sis. MOM: So is it 3 total --2 bros and 1 sis Or 5 total-2 bros &3 sis? She has 2 brothers and one sister. :D preguntas nuevas*** Has she lived in Murray all her life? No. She was born in Texas. They lived there until she was 10 or something. Where does she fit in her family? She´s number 2. Her older brother is happily married, the brother just younger than her is 19 and also on a mission in Texas, and her little sister is 17 like Michelle... will be in A FEW DaYS! :D What does she want to do when she grows up? ;) She wants to be an editor for one of the Church magazines. This week was a tough one. When it rains, the people just kinda shake their heads at us and tell us to go inside and stop bothering people. They do the same thing when it´s dark. So we try to avoid knocking doors when it´s dark, but since winter=rain in chile, we can´t really avoid doing so in the rain. It amazes me how much people every day look at us like we´re crazy and just shove their doors shut in our face. All we have to do is say, "Hello, we´re missionaries..." and then it closes. They don´t understand what the few do. That we´re not just crazy college students who are crazy about Jesus and want to tell the whole world about it. (Though that is definately true), We´re in the Work of the Lord. We´re here to help them find what they can´t find anywhere else. The fullness of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of mankind. I know that I can´t convince them of anything with my words alone. They´re just words, and it´s not a convincing they need. It´s a conversion. A change of heart. A change of mind. So that they can understand they´re OWN potential in this life. That they are literal children of a Heavenly Father who loves them so much that he sent his Son to suffer for us, and that he has restored the fulness of his Plan for us through latter-day prophets like Moses and Noah of old. I love this work. But it´s not easy. There are a lot of people out there with questions we can help answer. We just have to have enough faith to find them. Continue in your quest for faith. This life is a journey, not a destination. Keep progressing. Keep learning. Keep asking. James 1:5-6. He answers prayers. Grow your faith. Don´t stop believing. Amyably yours, Hermana Loveless The Amyable Missionary herself. PS-the computers at this internet place don´t like my camera. I´m sorry! Next week, I promise! PSS-Hermana Holt and I got our haircut by some famous barber guy because Romina (Carlos´girlfriend) knows him. And... my hair looks great. Tell Tiffany I thought of her. PPSS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!!! I love your soul!