Monday, July 06, 2009

Here comes the 4th

Well, Helloooooooo!
We have had a busy but, great week. Lots of cleaning.(Weird, I don't know where that came from.) Jared & Stacy(& Max^x^) moved in to live with us for a few months. Mike and I were volunteers for our city's 4th parade. As usual, there was an F-16 awesome!!! We are sending Amy another package to help her get through the winter! some beanies and scarves, etc. We hope that all of you are well and happy.
God bless each of you!
Karen & Mike :D

Hello everyone!Hola a todos!

I don´t really know what to write about this week. We had an excellent Zone Conference last week, and Hna Holt and I are still Wheeling over that one. One of the best things we learned was from a quote by Joseph Smith. He said that faith is a composition of 3 things:

1. That you believe God exists
2. Understanding the attributes of God.
3. Doing His will. Going towards the Light and not looking back.

I always enjoy scriptures on faith, and these three things definately go along with the definition of faith in the New Testament as well as in the Book of Mormon. Ether 12:6 and Alma 32.

We are trying to improve our own faith. We also learned how to be better missionaries and more focused on our true purpose here.

It continues to rain. But it´s warmer when it rains, so I´m alright. Wet, but alright. I´m trying to put three Pictures this time to make up for the past few times. We´ll see if it Works. But the computer was being really slow, so we´ll see. I´m putting one picture of all of us before Carlos´ Baptism. Hna Sullivan and Hna Richardson, Carlos, Me, and Hna Holt. One of Hermana Holt and her birthday card I made her to prove I´m not discarding my artistic skills, and one of Me and a dog, mostly so you can see my new haircut. It´s the dog that follows the other Hermanas everywhere, and sleeps outside our door sometimes. I don´t know why because we tried giving it some dog food and it didn´t even like it.

Juana continues to come to church with us. We don´t even talk about baptism very much, but she always brings it up and says something like, “I just don´t feel like I need to yet, and I know it´s something you ought to want to do, so I don´t want to do it yet.”

She´s so cute. She has four dogs that she takes to the vet regularly, and two cats. She also occasionally feeds two street dogs, cause there are a lot of them here. She´s a sweet old lady with a big heart. I just can´t wait to see her with a bigger certainty of what she already says is what she needed and needs.

Love you all so much.
Keep the faith.
Don´t stop believing.
Keep Writing.

Amyably yours,
Hermana Loveless


Hope Mueller said...

Happy Early Birthday Pega!

Wendy Sumner said...

My son was called to the Chile Concepcion South mission, going into the field on December 7, 2009. I love reading about the adventures of Amy, they have helped me get an idea about what my son will be in for. I was just wondering how things were going for Amy since there haven't been any posts since July. I gather you've had a new baby and can understand that you are busy. I just wanted to know if AMy was still doing well in the mission. My son Elder Jordan Sumner will be there in December and I would imagine his and Amy's path will cross at different conferences. Thanks for allowing this blog to be public. I have learned a great deal about the mission and I'm excited and scared for him. Jordan is my first missionary and only son and his father just recently passed away, so overly emotional and overly protective.