Monday, July 13, 2009

A pain in the galbladder?!

Wow. Hello all, and welcome to Sis. Loveless´ modern life.

First off, Please send all sorts of hugs and love to the Ready family in Downey, and also to Mommy. I´m glad the Galsurgery went alright, and I´m also glad that Michelle had an EXCELLENT birthday party... and can I use your bike when I get home? Bikes are amazing. I want one here in the mission. Believe it or not, it IS possible in a skirt.

As to my week in San Pedro, I took out my very own Chilean Carnet today which is an ID card. The Carabineros(Chilean mounted Police) "pulled us over" and asked us about why we were and such. Mostly just out of curiousity, I think, though I did get all sorts of nervous. I didn´t have my carnet yet and was nervous they´d send me home. I also think the younger one asked whether or not we could have boyfriends about three times and later this week when we were at the shoerepair place, they pulled up and he popped out and said, "How are the two most beautiful women in Chile today?" That was funny.

We got my boots all repaired, which had been suffering from talking shoe disease, and then today I bought a warm purple sweater that I´ve been wanting for awhile, then swore off buying anything else for a long time. It´s hard though, because Hermana Holt is one of those excellent shoppers... and also saved up quite a bit more than I did before the mish to buy stuff while she´s here.

... We´re going to the office today, so I should get any mail that you´ve all sent. Also, it´s been confirmed that I DO have a package, and I don´t know who it´s from so... THANK YOU. I love you.

I´m making mom a card tonight when we get home, I should send it out soon. I found out that the post office in San Pedro is CHEAPER than the one in Concepci├│n. Not sure how that´s legal or possible, but it´s true.

Hope all goes well at the Family Reunion, and tell everyone that I love them so much. Never let go of the family ties that hold us together, and also watch out for my WATERFIGHT SKILLS!!!! Okay, so I´m kinda lame at waterfights, but enjoy it well in my stead. And Mommy... take care.

Love you all.
Keep the Faith.
Don´t stop Believing.
Amyably yours,
-Hermana Loveless

PHOTOS: One of my blanket for all who put their love and
stuff into helping make it... I use it EVERY NIGHT. <3> And another just of me. Boring, I know. But I thought it was fun