Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Reunion

Hola Todos,
Here is our sister's email of the week. We all where were in Cali for the weekend for the 53rd (I think) consequetive Loveless Family Reuion. We missed our sister, but are so glad that she can serve the people in Chile. Mom is doing well. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers.

First off, HAPPY LOVELESS REUNION WEEKEND!!! Hope you all got wet! If not, go back and get wet FOR ME. :D

Second off, we had interviews and companion exchanges this week. At interviews we found out that because there will be 20 less elders in the mission next year(twenty will leave and not be replaced), the president´s gonna have to change some sectors and close others. This transfer might be interesting! Also, I got a package from MELANIE SMITH!!! Thanks! And some other stuff from various people like Russell McDonald... and... yeah. Good times.

Hermana Holt and I found several new people this week that we think can progress and go to church this coming Sunday. This week two guys came who have investigated the church for a long time and just really like to watch and not get involved. Juana was on vacations with the rest of you.

Companion exchanges are when you trade companions for a day with some other missionary. I was with Hermana Paz. Sadly, I forgot to take any photos when she was there. Though it did give us an opportunity to take photos of the Z Club... see photo.

Hmmn... what else? We went bowling again. And to the bumper cars.That was fun. And I´m on the search for the best nylons ever that NEVER BREAK! Because I keep going through them in a matter of days which is lame. But you guys don´t care. haha. Ate a McDonald´s hamburger today. Oh SNAP!

Love you all. Thanks for the e-mails cheryl and.. I accidentally got excited and responded to a friend e-mail today. Oops.

Enjoy your summer! I´ll see you next one!

Love you all.
Keep the Faith.
(Live you too, Cheryl.)

PS-I´m sending mom´s card out today without fail.

PS-Bolivian hats in Chile are fun.